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    Saturday, December 6, 2014

    Check Out New Yuletide Links Thanks To The Comic Shoppe's "Uncanny" Daryll B.!

    Multi Media AfroLinkBlog with Tunes Included!!!

    Hello AfroNerds and FaceBook Followers! This is going to be a multi-platform look through this week and.... well with tensions high within and outside....I NEED to put my focus on imaginary/fantasy pursuits....
    Sleepy Hollow did its job well and literally tore my heart out. GREAT mid-season finale. All the actors are really showing the strains in their relationships and are hitting their strides... But seriously Sleepy Hollow??? All that build up to "nothing"...You Suck!!..
    The Flash vs Arrow crossover has been GREAT!!! I don't know if I like the new Rainbow Raider but I definitely got a Psycho-Pirate (for all my Crisis heads out there) feel from him. The Captain Boomerang was on point but it, once again, was the interpersonal dynamics that made these episodes special. So much here to talk about but I can wait until next week's show. I will say that the show raises the bar for other DC Heroes meetings (*cough* Batman v Superman *cough*) as nothing felt forced here. And I have heard nothing but praise for the episodes. Step your game up everyone....
    Speaking of which, Agents of SHIELD has really ramped up the air of darkness around the team and situations. That ending was all sorts of creepy on so many levels but Easter Eggs a plenty for diehards. That being said, it was my second straight day of yelling at my Yet I can't wait for next week... Damn addictive drug this Comic TV....
    Told folks on FaceBook that I finally picked up the 2 Five Weapons trade paperbacks and this completed the individual issues that I missed. Just awesome... and (says greedily) this book should still be going on. If Morning Glories can go 5+ trades, this should have gone at least 25 issues...
    -Ah Obsession... Sonia Harris breaks it down, showing the abject stupidity in some fans...

    But as I say that, let me ask you readers... What is your Nerd Cred? Me? It is pretty obvious that while I dabble in everything, I am a Comics, Sports, and Music Nerd above everything else... However, I try not to put down others who might not know as much as I do. Simply put, NO ONE knows everything about their main passion. We can try but there's always something, old or new, that we'll miss.....
    -We all know the major news story over the last 2 weeks. At The Mission, Joseph Phillip Illidge unpacks in his own way...

    I am trapped between being angry at everyone involved to being saddened at people's reactions. The fact Mr. Illidge came through with the message so clear is a wonder....
    -Let the comic star casting wars begin....

    After what Marvel did with Black Panther, Warner Bros and DC had to counter... And boy that cast is a great counter. Now let's hope that it isn't just hot air... Will Smith as Deadshot? Jared Leto as Joker? Whoa....
    -Interesting look at the business side of things....

    We all knew that studios were going to feel the pinch but who saw that the "Madagascar" Franchise would be taking the hit? I thought that Penguins would easily make its money back..
    -Oh God YES!!!

    butbutbut September 2015? I have to wait until September 2015 for the next Avatar TLA Series???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Sobs*
    -We've talked about it on the show. We have talked to frequent guest and writer David Walker about it. You still ain't convinced to pick up Shaft? Well here's a few preview pages from issue #1, out this week!

    What else do I have to do to pique your interest? lol
    -Sometimes you have to look past the words and get to the deeper meaning...

    Kudos to the reporter here for great follow up questions that probed deep into Chris Rock's psyche and intelligence. I have friends that still to this day, for whatever reason can't stand him and I say like him or loathe him, he's usually the most "quick" guy in the room. How many will ready this article looking for jokes, will just drop it as he drops some knowledge and learned opinions on us all?
    -While we are on the movie tip....

    To Cumberbatch Eye of Agamatto!!!! *Victory Dance*
    -One of my writing inspirations gets the spotlight once again.....

    Longtime followers know how much I loved Simone's Secret Six and Deadpool/Agent X runs. I appreciated her honesty about writing diverse characters and the apprehensions she reveals about some of her experiences/projects.

    12 Reasons To Die was a head trip, both as an album and comic book. Matthew Rosenberg has done a great job corralling talent to adapt the manic world of Tony Starks into comic form. I knocking on wood and tossing salt over my shoulder that 36 Seasons is a great heir apparent.
    -Speaking of music, try out this new AfroPunk Mixtape!

    There's a little something in these tunes for everyone, including some important social messages. Go ahead and check it out... I'll wait. This gives me time to compile......
    "Daryll's Soundtrack" during the making of this blog:
    Adam WarRock - The City; Mutant Revolution (both off his 24 Hour Rap-a-Thon)
    Bush - This House Is On Fire
    Calvin Harris ft John Newman - Blame
    DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon - Scale It Back (Party Ben Remix)
    Eminem - Detroit vs. Everybody (ft Detroit's Best Hip-Hop Artists)
    and the now infamous Shady CXVPHER -
    Fall Out Boy - Immortals
    Centuries -
    Kendrick Lamar - i
    Lion Babe ft Childish Gambino - Jump Hi
    Logic - Under Pressure
    Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat
    Lyrics Born - I Like It I Love It
    Major Lazer ft Machel Montano - Sound Bang

    Mega Ran - The Philadelphia Way

    Mega Ran & K-Murdock - Thank You For Listening

    Mega Man & The Regiment - Kung Fu Treachery

    The Misfits - Die Die My Darling
    Pigeon John - Ben Vereen
    The Pixies - Gigantic
    The Roots - Never (ft Patty Crash)           
    The Unraveling (ft Raheem DeVaughn)
    Slaughterhouse - Who I Am ft SLV -
                              Truth or Truth Pt1 -
    Soundgarden - Fresh Deadly Roses
    Taylor Swift - Blank Space -
    Wu-Tang Clan - Preacher's Daughter
    Ron O'Neal
    So when I do this thing, I rely on a lot of influences and hopefully I just gave you folks some great new tunes to check out!
    Thanks for reading and until next week, Keep Fantasizing!!!
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