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    Monday, June 13, 2016

    UnCanny Musings from Daryll B.! Scooby Apocalypse! Deadpool! Dusu! Afronerd Radio on Muhammad Ali

    As promised last week, here are more books from the abyss known as the BenCave:

    We are reaching the "end" of the story in Dreaming Eagles #5 by Garth Ennis, Simon Coleby & John Kalisz. The Airmen are starting to see casualties in some of their bombers and in fellow flyers. Dealing with this AND the obvious "love" from the higher ups definitely starting to see cracks in some of the unit's foundations...

    To everything comes an ending and in Dusu #4 by Sebastian A. Jones, Christopher Garner & James C. Webster, Dusu and Waso have the ultimate falling out where families and whole tribes survival are on the line. The murky, moody art catches Dusu's frustration and anger perfectly as we whirlwind through his struggles.

    I'm actually surprised how much I liked Scooby Apocalypse #1 by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Howard Porter & Hi-Fi. I was initially not going to go for this but hearing DeMatteis was a part of the team, I decided to give #1 a shot and I not mad. Works as an alternate universe/what if take of the "Scoobies" first meeting with mad scientists, nanites, monsters, and all around craziness. The 2nd story details Shaggy and Scooby's first meeting here...

    Father is using extreme measures to regain control of New Japan in 4001 AD #2 by Matt Kindt, & Clayton Crain and to heck with the civilian population. Rai and his rag-tag freedom fighters have their hands full trying stop him/her/it. Crain's art brings the cataclysm to new horrifying levels here.

    So this is the big issue that kicks off the reset for the Man of Steel? Thematically, Superman #52 by Peter Tomasi, Mikel Janin, Miguel Sepulveda & Jeromy Cox plays out like the polar opposite of how Infinite Crisis ended with the death of the Earth-2 Superman. This time it another one that pays the price and Tomasi deftly maneuvers the situations and characters to points where you actually think that the fight against a Faux Superman could be taken care of without a loss of life. I had a lot of problems with the New 52 Superman but how ironic is it that DC finally nailed him at the book's end?

    Those who know my Twitter feed know how much I laud over Al Ewing's talents. I don't need further proof than in Contest of Champions #9 by Al Ewing, Rhoald Marcellius, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco & Andrew Crossley. He handles 3 distinctively different teams of Avengers with a style that gets you to know every character within 1 or 2 lines. No one is left wanting here as The Maestro decides to pluck the Avengers from a world where Tony won Civil War and Steve's side is locked up to teach his former players a hard lesson. Ares is golden here....

    So the team is powerless and locked up in A-Force #6 by Kelly Thompson, Ben Caldwell, Scott Hanna & Ian Herring. Things can't get much worse right? Wrong. The one person that we couldn't afford to lose it, loses it. And it seems Dazzle-Thor can be affected by current events on our Earth w/o her hammer. This really doesn't look good...

    Think you got a hard training regiment? Niobe #3 by Amandla Stenberg, Sebastian A. Jones & Ashley A. Woods shows our heroine going through her paces as she still prepares to find a way to save her orc friend from certain death at the tribal court. And around the corner, the true menace behind everything is about to make his presence known to the tribes. Strap in Folks....#4 is going to be bananas!!!

    The search for Nova's Father begins in All-New All-Different Avengers #10 by Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar & Dave McCaig and well, I don't think anyone except for Waid expected this! Space, madcap craziness, a GREAT Marvel Universe threat, and more Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel gold right here. Oh did I mention...? *dramatic Pause* 

    The first salvos in Civil War II #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, & Justin Ponsor have been launched with a hero fallen and another possibly down for awhile. The story centers on an Inhuman, Ulysses, with the ability to foresee the future and disagreements on how his power should be used. Pandora's Box gets opened and this one will not be easily closed folks....

    But the BEST crossover I picked up this week happened in ONE issue folks! Deadpool #13 by by Gerry Duggan, Jacopo Camagni & Veronica Gandinisees the Merc With A Mouth taking on a crooked accountant as a protection job. Said job floats into Daredevil #7.1 by Charles Soule, Guillmero Sanna & Mat Lopes as an old Daredevil Foe comes for the accountant which gets crazy to the point where Wade hires outside help in Power Man & Iron Fist #4.1 by David Walker, Elmo Bondoc & Nolan Woodward. And EVERYTHING hits the fan in a free for all in Daredevil #13.1 by Gerry Duggan, Paco Diaz & Israel Silva. Hilarious and absolutely crazy as the madness of Deadpool seemingly infects other heroes YET each book retains its own distinctive feel.

    On the trade paperback front, I had an ok week with DC's Chase by JH Williams III, Dan Curtis Johnson, and a host of others. Cameron Chase is an agent with the DEO, whose history consistently is tied to the metahuman cases she's investigating. I always felt that she could be DC's answer to Jessica Jones with her ties to the JSA and gritty outlook. News rumors are that she'll make a return to the CW Superhero Universe.

    Picked up Exiles The Ultimate Collection Vol #4 by Tony Bedard, Jim Calafiore, Mizuki Sakakibara & Paul Pelletier sees the ragtag adventurers revisit a world they previously "helped"; find out the truth behind their situation, just as an old enemy strikes; & visit the Age of Apocalypse & House of M Universes while encountering one of the most fearsome foes of the X-Men EVER! Cross-Reality insanity and superhero fun...

    Soothing the little kid inside me, Takio Vol #2 by Brian Michael and Olivia Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming & Nick Filardi has the newly powered Taki and Olivia trying to find a balance between doing superheroics, living regular lives and oh yeah, grammar/junior high school. All the while, the folks that gave them, and their "friend", powers, seek to replicate the process by any means necessary. Still a little off-putting that the team behind Powers is doing an all-ages book like this BUT it does work from a purity standpoint.

    To close out this listing, I retrieved Black Panther: Bad Mutha and The Bride, Volumes #3 & 4 of the Reginald Hudlin & Scot Eaton run. The storyline of T'Challa finding a wife runs through both books as in Bad Mutha, his path goes across Luke Cage, Shang-Chi, and Blade. Then in The Bride, he finds his Queen in Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm as we go through the trials and tribulations on the path to marriage. I give the Hudlin run credit for the heartfelt/family moments that seemingly have been ostracized from today's comics. He weaves those seamlessly through political and social moments in a matter that kept me as a reader engaged. 

    WHEW! Ok I had time to breathe during this week but upcoming weeks I have Ghostbusters, TMNT 2, Independence Day 2, the return of Hunters and Wynonna Earp AND Killjoys along with Dark Matter returning for Season 2. Oh yeah, Preacher is starting to rev up and The Last Ship returns. Yeah. Slate going to be hectic once again in the next month... This was my rest break...

    Thanks For Reading Folks! Here is the link to last week's festive Grindhouse episode:

    What more can be said? Muhammad Ali will never be seen again and hopefully in death, the generation will learn major lessons about dignity and honor when researching his life. For sure in this digital age, we will never get an athlete with the mythology like this again. But I hope that we do get more with the social outlook and the pride of The Champ. He is already sorely missed and it has only been 4 days....

    Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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