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    Sunday, April 26, 2015

    New Blog Droppings By The Grindhouse's Daryll B. Courtesy of The Afronerd Radio Machine

    Sometimes...Just Sometimes...

    Really wasn't feeling up to doing a blog this week. I been feeling all sorts of weird but then fate would have it and this happened mid-week:

    It has been the buzz of the comics internet and amongst some of my closest FB confidants. Guess upon questions upon conjecture about how they would do this to Bobby Drake. And I hate this but not for what you think. Sure his being "gay" would not come as a shock to others as it would be to me but that isn't the reason.

    I have been an Iceman fan since Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. I followed him in the books from Uncanny X-Men to Champions to X-Factor back to X-Men. My problem with this whole thing is that he is ALWAYS the butt of the joke. EVERY other character in X-Men has had a measure of growth that has stuck for at least a couple of years.....but not Bobby.

    -Powers get an upgrade along with an adult romance in X-Factor - Still not mature
    -Shown to be a bada$$ in Age of Apocalypse then merges with Emma Frost afterward in X-Men - Still not mature
    -Actually becomes a capable fighter with an intelligent head on his shoulder while evading then facing Bastion in Operation: Zero Tolerance - Back to being a jokester soon after
    -Teacher for Wolverine at Jean Grey's School - Only time he gets shown is pulling pranks or getting them pulled on him.

    And now Bendis pulls this! How is this going to be any different than what has come before? You do this RIGHT BEFORE Secret Wars sets everything to (relative) zero. Smell that folks? It is called a cash grab disguised as a social "achievement". Prove to me that you aren't going to half-a$$ Bobby Drake yet again Marvel.

    As to that coming out scene....

    Then I had to see major news organizations run with this. Did you actually read the scene? Yeah. Jean Grey is a jerk. And how exactly being dragged out instead of coming out an "achievement"? Northstar's reveal has class and passion. Anole has just been gay. No announcements. No over the top production. He just always been. This... THIS is schlocky and what "true friend" does that? If I was Bobby Drake, I'd freaking walk. Or freezing her on the spot out of anger and embarrassment. If I was a gay person, scared of coming out and reading this, how would this help me? W?T?F? I'd bury myself so so deep out of irrational fear of my friends and family finding out.

    Do Better Marvel. Do Better.

    Other News

    Speaking of do better:

    C'Mon Gents. You should have known that a major part of your fanbase are women. Sigh I guess it couldn't be totally perfect around Avengers Age of Ultron...

    Well I think we should be happy about this but....

    No Steven deKnight for season 2? Um. That would definitely give me a little pause. He knocked this past season out of the park. Good Luck to whomever fills his shoes.

    Ron Marz gives a fitting tribute to a legend...and a friend.

    Thank You Herb. Rest Well Sir!

    Gaining traction like snow chains on icy surfaces....

    I think it safe to say that Valiant is serious about this movie universe thing. And if you didn't see John Wick? Go see it. Underrated and intense!

    Mr. Illidge once again cuts through all BS and gets to the heart of the matter...

    We'll never actually know about the break-up until parties are totally candid about the reasons BUT I still reiterate that a Wonder Woman adventure SHOULD be grand in scale but human at its core. I may have to rethink my stance on Patty Jenkins stepping in here because Maclaren certainly had a lot of ideas I want in a Wonder Woman movie.


    Bronze Tiger anyone?

    A brief one this week folks. I'll save Flash, SHIELD, Arrow and other comic related TV for next week. Right now I have Bitten and Lost Girl episodes to watch and Orphan Black to rewatch (Really Sarah? That is your move? Sheesh). So Thanks For Reading! Until Next Week, Keep Fantasizing!
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