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    Friday, July 3, 2015

    Check Out The Latest Summertime Blog Musings from The Grinhouse's Daryll B.!

    Ah another week of craziness my world but before I recap, analyze, and make a fool of myself, Happy Birthday Canada! Happy Independence Day USA! And speaking of Canada...


    So the final is going to be a Japan-United States rematch? Ok I admit I didn't see this coming but that being said, American Ladies? Time for redemption on Sunday Night!

    Germany let the hype of the USA team temper them than how they were actually playing currently. If Germany played the way they had all tournament long, I thought they would have won but switched to a rugged, in your face game plan that played RIGHT into the hands of the US defense. As a result, Germany, the highest scoring team in the tournament, had only 1 good scoring chance on goal.

    Yes. The American Gal should have gotten a red card. Yes that should not have been an American Penalty Shot. But sometimes luck is the residue of design and the Americans definitely outplayed the best team in the world on this day.

    Heart goes out to Ms Bassett and the English Ladies. An own goal in injury time is a rough way to get bounced and they held more than their own versus defending champions Japan. It might not seem like it right now but this was quite an accomplishment for England.


    Welcome back to Victory Lane Kyle Busch! What a roller coaster of a season starting with the Daytona injury to a crazy dash in the last 15 laps to win in Sonoma Sunday. Now can he consistently finish in the top 15 over the next 10 races to be in the Top 30 to qualify for the Chase?

    David Regan better avoid Carl Edwards and Martin Truex Jr for the next couple of races for the damage he caused on their race cars....

    As a Jeff Gordon fan, Crew Chief Alan Gustaffson's pitstop calls and decisions over the last 3 races have not filled me up with confidence...


    SO once again Marvel goes ahead in the first 1/3rd of an event and pre-release their new status quo for AFTER the event. Arrrrgh! Ok this is annoying but I'll bite and give you my 5 comics that I'll definitely be picking up WITHOUT Miles Morales and Kamala Khan in them...

    1) Totally Awesome Hulk: Greg Pak is golden these days and can do ANYTHING in terms of writing. Frank Cho is one of the best artists in the world to me. The calamity they can do with (whoever this) Hulk could be staggering...

    2) Doctor Strange: Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo on Doctor Strange. Just let that sink in for a minute and then you know why this will be a must buy book for me.

    3) Contest of Champions: Al Ewing won me over with his work on Mighty Avengers. Paco Medina is a good artist but steps up his game with superheroes. Throw in EVERY Marvel Superhero could be used AND a Maestro vs Gamesmaster matchup and..yeah..I'm there... (BTW I'll be keeping an eye on Ewing's New Avengers too as an honorable mention because I FINALLY get Songbird as an Avenger!)

    4) Ultimates: Al Ewing continues his Avengers takeover with this continuation of Mighty Avengers with a team of Black Panther, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau), Blue Marvel, Miss America (America Chavez), and Captain Marvel. And they face GALACTUS in the opening storyline! Ex-Supergirl artist Kenneth Rocafort will be on art duties....

    5) Squadron Supreme: James Robinson gets his hands on the JLA analogue which is seemingly going to be a mix of both Mark Gruewald's original and JMS' Supreme Power teams.  The noted legacy hero writer teams with legacy artist Leonard Kirk and uber legacy cover Alex Ross on this project. Wow. Just Wow!


    The less said about my Knicks' luck here the better. But hey! We got Aaron Affalo....ouch

    Then again, my Knicks could be the Lakers who have had nothing go right so far...

    DeAndre Jordan wants to be a bigger part of the offense with whatever team signs him. Dude if you want that...please work on your free throw shooting during this offseason....


    Four teams in the AL East have 40+ wins and none of them are the Boston Red Sox. I never saw that coming this year.....

    Just when you think that you have seen everything, the Los Angeles Angels front office literally implodes. GM out but air of turmoil still remains...

    NY Mets better get some offense for their team soon because the fanbase is about to explode with the wasted pitching performances. Throw in that the team has fallen back to .500 BEFORE the All Star Break and, yeah its getting bad.


    As a comic book collector and fan with a menial job, I have to pick and choose the books i going to spend money on. Leave it to Image Comics to once again throw my planning out of whack with these books:

    1) Warren Ellis returns to writing horror with Heartless. Tula Lotay is his artist. Don't know her work but Ellis is a devious mastermind and horror is right up his alley...

    2) Ronald Wimberley is someone that I have heard great things about in my information circles and Image has his mind involved in Sunset Park AND White Coal.

    3) Greg Rucka: Writer Extraordinaire! Nicola Scott: Great Artist. Title of the book is Black Magick. GODDAMNIT IMAGE! Just take my money!!!!

    Throw in other names on projects like Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin on a The Walking Dead digital comic, Kyle Higgins, Jason Aaron, Jimmie Robinson, Shane Davis, Kaare Andrews, Gail Simone, and the mad genius Mark Millar and yeah, Image is making a serious run at Marvel and DC starting this Fall.


    -Look this one up: take Rihanna with a sexy English Accent and able to kick total ass and you got my latest TV crush in Killjoys' Hannah John-Kamen. Just look her up and then tell me thank you....

    -I teased this but here's the reason in my eyes why Jurassic World succeeded where Tomorrowland failed: likeability and feasibility. Tomorrowland almost went out of its way to make George Clooney unlikeable and unfortunately the audience never found him likeable again. Jurassic World's Chris Pratt was never grating or at least not written that way.

    Both movies had teens I just wanted to strangle but for a movie named Tomorrowland, the feasibility of their tech seemed to be boring in comparison to the DNA tampering of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World. Even though TL had jetpacks, I wanted more!

    -Terminator Genisys I see this weekend sometime but I have heard that I might need to REALLY rely on my Matt Smith patience to sit through this...

    -Well told you all at AfroNerd about Mr. Robot. USA has done it again. If you haven't seen it yet, do so!


    I see you DC Comics! We Are Robin is the book that every urban Batman fan has waited for. Starfire's debut was hilarious and yes, Justice League's Darkseid War has gotten off to an interesting start ALONG with providing a great setup for the upcoming Cyborg series debut.

    The only thing that I read that hasn't hooked me in yet is the Superman Truth storyline BUT as I said above, I have great trust in Greg Pak and once Gene Luen Yang finds his footing with the Man of Steel, I think the storyline is going to take off!

    All that is left for me to do here is plug VENTURE #1 from Action Lab Comics! Written by Daryll B. Favorite Jay Faeber (New Warriors, Noble Causes, Dynamo 5) and drawn by Daryll B. Favorite Jamal Igle (New Warriors, Supergirl, Firestorm, Molly Danger). Say you are a hard luck reporter who finds out the secret of a lifetime, what would you do? Great setup in issue 1 and I can't wait to see where the guys take this....

    I sports-ed out. I geeked out. I thank you all for reading along as I spazzed out here. A reminder to check out Afronerd Radio at BlogTalkRadio Saturdays at 6pm EST for more ranting and raving between the AfroNerd DBurt, Capt. Kirk, and myself. I foretell this weekend will by all about Terminator and the upcoming Ant-Man movie. Until Next Time, I'll See You in the Stands, Fantasizing!

    GO USA!!!!!
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