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    Saturday, October 31, 2015

    Check Out Daryll B's Musings on the Star (Race) Wars trailer!

    By now everyone has seen the stupidity that has gone down on Twitter over the Star Wars trailer. And for those that heard Saturday's AfroNerd Podcast, you already know where I stand but this is for those who missed it:

    To the children of any heritage, you must know this: folks who get so "serious" over a trailer because of a character's race, especially when it is a character brand new to the mythos are scared. Not as it relates to the character but scared that diversity as an ideal will light a fire in the intelligence and passion of the disenfranchised people that watch the film. You can be creative. You can be artistic. You can use your intelligence to be more than a stereotype. There isn't anything that says you should be ashamed of being smart/gifted in any shape or form.

    You want to act, read classic plays and novels. Jump out there and experience the world. You want to direct, take your camera phone and film something. Try and try again. Just look at YouTube. Those folks aren't seasoned pros for the most part but they tried again and again to make what you see on your computer. You want to write or draw, just do it. Do it again and again until it feels just like breathing to you.

    I'm not saying that everyone will be a success. Just do what makes you happy and stop listening to ignorant people. To the youth: Do your own thing and use your head. Make your mark because it is time to shine. These idiots got scared of John Boyega when they really should be scared of the future when the next Neil DeGrasse Tyson opens hearts and minds! Ultimately, this means that their ignorant ways will go away just like the dinosaurs.

    TV Notes

    -Many thanks to Continuum on a great run. And for introducing a new generation to the fact that thinking about time travel does make one's head hurt.

    -Minority Report has a lot of flaws BUT they get brownie points from me for introducing the Washington Redclouds. Someone want to alert the NFL about this option?

    -Heroes Reborn? Deus Ex Machina much? Sigh. Hiro is back but they sacrificed Katana Girl to do it? I can't have 2 kicka$$ Asians on the show at the same time???

    -Arrow has started to regain momentum. The Double Down show was a classic example of simple yet effective storytelling.

    -Agents of SHIELD needs more Ward. Seriously. Brett Dalton has been stealing the show with his scenes recently.

    -Dunno if I like the Ma West storyline in The Flash but there's no denying that Jesse Martin has been killing his scenes. West and Iris at the dining room table was heartwrenching to say the least.


    Book of Death: The Fall of X-O Manowar by Robert Venditti and Clayton Henry sees the end of Aric and what has become of his kingdom. It also gives us a new character that might make an impact in the 2016 "4001" Valiant Event. Possibly.

    Clean Room #1 by Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt
    is a book I admit I had reservations on. After all I knew Gail could do dark and weird through her work in Villains United/Secret Six. But I wondered is she could do "Vertigo" dark. I am glad to say I was glad to underestimate her. A gal sees the dark side, and literal, demons of people she comes across quite graphically. Yeah I didn't get a lot of rest after reading this one. *Shivers*

    Titans Hunt #1 by Dan Abnett, Paulo Siqueira, and Geraldo Borges is another of the Convergence books which has the original team scattered and not aware of each other or that they were ever a team. Great use of some of my favorites from the 60s-70s also. Now who is hunting them is the question?

    Voltron From The Ashes #2 by Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd continues the training of the teams who would be the new pilots of the Lions. I have a good idea of who they are going to be BUT more interesting is the machinations of a certain witch. Credit to Shepherd for creating some creepy looking RoBeasts on the last page.

    Age of Apocalypse #5 by Fabian Nicieza and Iban Coello
    has Nemesis kicking the asses of heroes and villains alike forcing a Hail Mary play of "galactic" proportions. I STILL don't know what the point/importance of Cypher was. But this version of Doc Nemesis ALMOST makes up for it.

    SHIELD #11 by Mark Waid and Howard Chaykin - I can freely admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Chaykin's art style BUT it fit the pulpy/noirish atmosphere of this story with Coulson and Dominic Fortune. Their objective you just have to read the book but I thought it was enjoyable.

    Agents of Atlas #1 by Tom Taylor and Steve Pugh contains a different Coulson, who runs into the path of the titular team as they take on one of Marvel's best legacy villains in a Secret Wars province. What wins for me is Agent Jimmy Woo as a Nick Fury archtype. Coolness!

    Astro City #28 by Kurt Busiek and Gary Chaloner shows the origin of Honor Guard member WolfSpider and gives us a sense of who he is as childhood figures comeback in his life and make an impact. Origin feels like a mix of Gar Logan with Peter Parker but the naivete and his mom counters any tired tropes that could have been used. Another cool story from the world of AC.

    Thanks for reading all! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

    Oh and PS:  Since we borrowed the above pic to make allusions to race and Star Wars, check out the great Race Wars podcast for your edification and humor!
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