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    Tuesday, November 17, 2015

    Read the Latest Musings from Daryll B. of The GrindHouse (Podcast Airs Every Sat. at 6pm)

    Blah! To Get Jets Stink Out, I started Blogging!

    Here we go Facebook Followers and AfroNerd Readers! This has been a jam-packed week where I have gotten my eyes, ears, and fingers on a lot of stuff. And yes, knowing me, I got a lot of opinions.
    Got my hands and eyes on two movie codas to Daryll B. anime faves. First, Boruto: Naruto The Movie, is a true ending to both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and the son of the now Seventh Hokage steps into the spotlight. Essentially, the kid is Naruto from demeanor and attitude. I have no doubt that when they craft the new series, (don't give me that look. You already know if the movie does gangbusters, they'll make a new series. You new here?), this'll be the foundation they use. Let's face it Naruto Fans, our favs have now all grown up with us and they are the teachers/mentors now!
    Second, The Ghost in the Shell New Movie acts as a perfect prequel to the two animated tv seasons as the team under the Major hasn't joined Section 9 yet. So they aren't under Aramaki's control either. We also see cyber machinations within the military and government that should scare even the most hardened hacker/futurist. Yet another movie that can act as a jump off for a new series.
    The Flash this week was a game changer in every way. Fans of the Grant Morrison and Mark Waid runs may cry foul or be proud at a specific "Wally West" situation that has been co-opted for Barry but let's see if the writers can write their way out of it as well as Morrison and Waid did.
    ***Off subject, OHMYGOD IS Linda hot as Dr. Light!!!! Great training montage and I hit puberty all over again!***
    *AHEM* Speaking of my emotions, yeah. Ming-Na and Blair Underwood totally had me going thru every emotional stage in Agents of SHIELD this week. As Jefferson's split identity revealed, May's heart breaks and us fans are riding that roller coaster along with the actors. But HEY! We got Lincoln back and Fitz steals the show with his reactions to Simmons' recordings. A bunch of balls in the air here as the last 40 secs puts everything this season under question again!
    I know Arrow was the return of Ray Palmer and Felicity and Oliver was working through their problems but just how cute were Detective Lance and Ms. Smoak? If I can't get Alex Kingston back, Charlotte Ross certainly isn't too hard on the eyes.. And just what is Darhk up to anyway? He's a tech mystic now?
    I said it a few blogs ago, and I'll say it again, Jenny has stolen Sleepy Hollow right out from under Abbie and Crane. That last "memory" episode was intense fun!
    As I type this, I have Haven on the DVR, one of the final episodes and I'm going to miss it as one of my weekly outlets for horror. I still wonder if anyone has asked Stephen King about the series?
    The writing has gotten much better for Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who in recent episodes. The Ghosts and Zygon 2 parters were great! And I am sure all you sci-fi heads have seen/read the internet meme with The Doctor's feelings about war by now. Great stuff!
    All-New All-Different Avengers #1 by Mark Waid and Adam Kubert (1st Story), Waid and Mahmud Asrar (2nd Story) has Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, and Miles Morales crossing paths early in the 1st story as an alien menace grows in the former Avengers Tower. Typical pre-team story before the team is formed set-up. Waid is a master of this but I would have liked more gelling before the menace strikes. The 2nd story sees Ms. Marvel meeting Nova for the first time and what happens with superpowered teens having crushes. Poor Sam but this was a better story than the lead.
    Howard The Duck #1 by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones (1st Story), Chris Hastings and Danilo Beyruth (2nd Story) discovers Howard's greatest wish in the 1st story...or did it? It also has him and his new sidekick running into two established Marvel villains and a last page that has Howard and us going "What the...?". The 2nd story is all about GwenPool as The Black Cat comes to confront Howard about a recent theft. Really Marvel Fans? GwenPool??? Sigh...
    Heroes Vengeance #2 by Seamus Kevin Fahey, Zach Craley, and Rubine continues the origin story of El Vengador and how it was connected to the Gutierrez Family. A lot of stereotypical drug and gang stuff in here but the cover to 3 has peaked my interest as The Priest enters the scene.
    Web-Warriors #1 by Mike Costa and David Baldeon (1st Story), Robbie Thompson and Denis Medri (2nd Story) - It is said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Sure enough the Web Warriors meet their match here. Not going to give it away but the power sets of the opposing force makes complete and total sense when you think about it. Spider-Ham continues to be a tragic riot but I was missing something...then I got the second story featuring Lady Spider and realized what it was: cohesion. You can clearly see fractures in the team because of Secret Wars, and of their everyday personal lives. Not an accident that Mike Costa including this aspect into the story...
    One of the things that Ultimates #1 by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort does well is set itself apart from the other Avengers books, even mentioning the AIM team within the story. This is going to be the proactive, scientific solution team in the veins of Fantastic Four, something I brought up on Twitter on Wednesday and an idea reinforced by the great Hannibal Tatu on CBR. See? Sometimes I do have a great idea/insight about these books. Now the question is: how does the team SOLVE Galactus??? Yep you read that....
    Squadron Sinister #4 by Marc Guggenheim and Carlos Pacheco has plans and motivations revealed along with the team fractured. Throw in Pacheco throwing in great homages to the original templates (JLA) and that Kyle Richmond might be the biggest bastard to shine through this Secret Wars event mess. I could see the ending coming but the road to it was a great journey to read.
    Ok. I admit it. Contest of Champions #2 by Al Ewing and Paco Medina is filling that Exiles hole in my heart. Alternate heroes and villains, a cosmic game where no one trusts/likes their own teammates. Oh and we got a Maestro that ISNT Bruce Banner! Hmmm curiouser and curiouser. Damn you Al Ewing! I'm supposed to be cutting back on books!!!!
    We were waiting for when the Doom house of cards was going to fall. Well Thors #4 by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse we see where the walls are crumbling down. The police force are at each other's throats and yet another unknown factor makes itself known. Everything going to heck and the pacing is glorious! Who knew Aaron could do a God Police Procedural?
    Infinity Gauntlet #4 by Gerry Duggan and Dustin Weaver contains 2 Thanos'es, two Gauntlets, a whole mess of Novas, and at its heart, a family trying to stay alive while trying to stop a Thanos. Yeah I had a scorecard and STILL had to read it 3 or 4 times. I still don't know who's dead and who's alive in this one. I...damn...this just didn't stick the landing even though I loved Anwen's last little poker trick.
    Remember what I said about the house of cards? Well within Secret Wars #7 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, Lord Doom is at DefCon 5. Maximus is causing chaos outside the gates, an old mutant villain rivalry is renewed, Reed Richards and Reed Richards is up to something big BUT is anyone paying attention to T'Challa? He might have just found a bigger kingdom than Wakanda EVER was! 2 issues left and a lot of balls are up in the air.
    Autumnlands #7 by Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey marks the return of "The Champion" and his loyal companion after the Battle of Bison. Through their discussion, we learn the nature of of how magic works inside this interesting kingdom. My thoughts however are on whatever that thing was in the air on the last pages. Just when I think I got a handle this, Busiek and Dewey come up with something that leaves me scratching my head...
    Missing that old school smuggler/bounty hunter action? Check out Star Wars #11 by Jason Aaron and Stuart Immonen and realize that everything is hitting the fan when Chewbacca is wailing on you. Luke is prepping for the fight of his life and Han...well Han is Han. Things have been red hot here to the point where someone needs to get Aaron in on creating one of the new movies. Yes I said it! He's got this thing nailed!
    Well I did say I had a lot...and I didn't even get to The Peanuts Movie, Spectre, or the return of The Librarians. I guess I'll save those for next blog. Thanks For Reading Folks! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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