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    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    UnCanny TV Musings from Afronerd Radio's Daryll B! X-Files, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow & More!

    As promised, I'm going to begin this one with a little television roundup starting with a returning favorite.

    X-Files has come back into my life with a bang and a whisper...of conspiracy! How did they do it to me again?!? I was ready for a curveball and they did a total 180 TWICE in the double episode premiere. Throw in a fantastic 3rd episode throwback "monster of the week" episode and an unusual combo of vet genre actors with ones you wouldn't think to see in a horror/sci-fi show (Joel McHale as a swarmy Maury Povich/Russ Limbaugh combo? Genius!) as return has gone better than I could have dreamed. Then I realize I only have 3 more weeks left...sigh

    Alright Flash! I was wondering when you were going to have Wells make his play and you didn't let me down. The natural 180 shown by all the characters in the aftermath was a great natural outgrowth of time. And yes, I knew Joe was going to punch his lights out. I'm a little shocked at the folks that were mad that Iris didn't die. I really had no clue that their were that many haters. I guess everyone has a few but BOY! I was shocked seeing this on Twitter during the show. But it time to geek out next Tuesday as we head to EARTH 2!!!!

    But it isn't all love this time as I have to take Arrow to task. I ripped Flash for doing this during November Sweeps and I going to rip you guys too. How can you have a major incident/death 2 episodes ago and then on this show, nary a mention. Others may be mad at the death, and Black Girl Nerds did a great write up on it, but as a deep comic book fan I know about 10 ways for a "resurrection". However, as it was a major shadow player, there did need to be a follow up here given the character's history with 2 of the cast members.

    For all those that were into 4Chan's Quantum Leap 'Ship FanFic I give you Agent Carter with Carter as Sam and Wilkes as Al. I joking but their dynamic has been great. However, the one that has been stealing the show this year has been Jarvis. He has stolen every scene he has been a part of..sans wifey of course. And kudos to the actress playing Whitney Frost. Delightfully evil.

    Double vision in Supergirl this week as Kara took on her impostor. I needed more though. Maxwell Lord was way too cryptic to explain how her was able to control "BizarroGIRL" and even when I was close to getting into it, I'm sorry, the soap opera antics took me right out of this episode. I need the Kryptonian Criminals back....

    Legends of Tomorrow has been fleshing out their characters, slowly but surely over the first 3 episodes. I am really liking the "Brave and the Bold" type mixtures of the "away teams" on these missions. However, we really, REALLY need the team to stop meddling in their own pasts. I won't lie though. I did have a good time watching Young Professor Stein interact with Older Professor Stein...and the grief Jaxx gave him for it. Classic!

    As The Librarians have left the building for the year, and I can't get anymore "untampered" Misfits, The Magicians has just cemented itself in my watch now queue. The Harry Potter meets X-Men aspect of the series keeps surprising me with archtypes that I loathe on other networks being relatable here. I tell you. Life's weird.....

    Sleepy Hollow returned Friday Night sans Abbie and you know what? It was good. Corbin and Jenny had their moments and Crane ended up partnered with Agent Foster (the deep cover agent) as his need to rescue Abbie released a malovent mirror spirit into the world. Nice breath of fresh air to have a relative outsider come into the freakier side of things. I got no hate here...

    Book Reviews

    Just when you thought you had seen all the bad case scenarios with Ruin taking over the White House, Axcend #4 by Shane Davis comes along and makes everything WORSE in the last 3 pages! No win scenarios. Chaos. Dead leaders and simply no hope for the heroes. Morn better start leveling up because we are all doomed.

    A-Force #2 by G. Willow Wilson, Kelly Thompson, and Jorge Molina sees Singularity meeting more of the female heroes she knows yet doesn't really as the threat of AntiMatter (yes they are calling him/it that) looms. I don't know whether to feel happy that about Nico's status when she gets introduced here or pissed about the utter neglect of my beloved Runaways characters as a whole. And what the hell Dazzler??? That's how long I been away from the X-Books. When I last saw her, she was a confident X-liasion with SHIELD. Here she' pick up the book. I'm not spoiling anymore stuff...

    It a Serpent Society free for all within Sam Wilson Captain America #6 by Nick Spencer and Joe Bennett as Falcon, Captain America, Misty Knight and Redwing have to face the now corporate raiders. I don't give Nick Spencer enough credit as the talking news head asides he has all through the story make this seem realistic. And so does the quandary that Sam finds himself at the end of the book. Talk about red tape!

    Howard The Duck #4 by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones features Howard in cosmic trouble with no less than 3 bigwigs, 4 stellar battalions, 1 Galactus Herald, 1 wannabe Galactus herald, 2 clones, a cosmic superteam and lots of chaos! Yep this is the zaniest comic I read monthly.

    Games within games. Machinations within chess moves abound in Contest of Champions #5 by Al Ewing and Paco Medina as both teams seemingly make their final gambits to win the contest. Here goes that old chess nugget of who can you trust again. This will never get old at Marvel as all we know gets thrown into the grey area. AGAIN.

    Guardians of Infinity #3 by Dan Abnett and Carlo Barberi sees the combined 3 Guardians Teams attempt to take the fight directly to the unseen enemy. Hordes of enemies, battered, broken, and bruised and Drax is loving this! What the hell?!?!? In the 2nd Story by Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and Nelson Faro DeCastro, Ben Grimm and Groot head to Yancy Street for "supplies". Hilarity ensues as Groot learns how crazy The Thing's world can be.

    Marvel Universe proper say hello to Miles Morales in Spider-Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Folks that followed his previous series but tuned out of Secret Wars will definitely be shocked by 2 MAJOR changes to his status quo, well outside of him being in the MU of course. The reintroduction of a villain not seen in the mainstream since the Marvel SuperHeroes Arcade game provides the action as Miles is visibly struggling to adapt. No such thing as a happy ending without complications in Marvel Mr. Morales.

    Last week I picked up Zatanna: Shades of the Past (issues 7-16) by Paul Dini, Adam Beechen, Matthew Sturges, Derek Fridolfs, Cliff Chiang, Chad Harden, Jamal Igle, Stephane Roux, Wayne Faucher, Jon Sibal, Robin Riggs, Travis Moore, John Dell, and Victor Ibanez. The Mistress of Magic is on the West Coast doing shows and heavily invested in a Museum of Magic. What could possible go wrong with possessed clothes, demons, fairies, rivalries, and puppets? Everything!

    I know Marvel is hyping up Civil War II in all the usual places BUT within Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Vol 3 HC with Salvador Larrocca, Esad Ribic, Butch Guice, Mike Deodato and Leinil Yu that has already happened. In this ending coda to Infinity and the beginning of the road to Secret Wars, Steve begins to remember what the Illuminati did to him. We answer the question to what happens if an adaptoid evolves within a group. And yeah, time travel sucks for normal heroes but that being said, evil dopplegangers from another Earth suck more... Fun reading. Gigantic implications and Hickman was laying the bricks to his ultimate story...

    TV, books and a worn out Daryll as the title states... Thanks for reading Folks! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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    Item Reviewed: UnCanny TV Musings from Afronerd Radio's Daryll B! X-Files, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow & More! Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: afronerd
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