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    Monday, January 23, 2017

    First Book Blog for 2017, Courtesy of Daryll B.@Afronerd Radio! Podcast Shows Every Wed (7:30pm) & Saturday (6pm)

    First Book Blog For The New Year!!!

    This is how I ended my 2016 and began my 2017 book wise. Let's dive in!

    Love Is Love by IDW Publishing - Sometimes a comic book/graphic novel MUST be more than its stereotypes and origins. This book, created in memoriam of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre victims is one such endeavor. Organized by Marc Andreyko, Sarah Gaydos and Jamie S Rich, Love is Love is mostly an endeavor by IDW and DC Comics. However, there is talent from across comics involved. Senseless killing is wrong. Irrational hate is wrong. And even this straight male could tell you Love Is Love. PICK IT UP!

    Tarzan Planet of Apes 4 by David Walker, Tim Seeley, Fernando Dagnino & Sandra Molina - Sneaky David. Very very sneaky! Sure we changed up locales from the human dominated Earth to the Planet of the Apes BUT he and Tim introduced something that sharp eyed sci-fi fans will recognize. It will allow for easier crossovers in the future.

    Clean Room 15 by Gail Simone, Sanya Anwar & Quinton Winter - Say hello to Mary. She's new on the scene. She is also just like Astrid on the sensitivity quotient. Just what we need another wild card in this already crazy story. Oh yeah, Astrid's biggest fan is still around and he can...*evil laughter*

    Deathstroke 9 by Christopher Priest, Cary Nord & Jeromy Cox - Jericho again steals the book in two pages in a scene that shows how his power has grown. Rose is still tracking down her origins bit by bit. Meanwhile, we get another glimpse into Slade's past and the origin of one of his trademark weapons....

    Future Quest 8 by Jeff Parker & Ariel Olivetti - Oh this is really getting good. More classic characters return as we start dimensional jumping. And we get a further, scarier insight on the creature's powers/danger. Here's hoping some great heroes help with that. Um what do you mean trapped? O-oh...

    Titans 6 by Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Andrew Dalhouse & Carrie Strachan - So many questions come out of this story in terms of the "new" Speed Force and Wally's history. Wally 1 not Wally 2. Seriously I like Abnett but there's a lot in regards to Wally that is seems that are being thrown away here. I know I know. old fan itis but damn the Twins????

    James Bond 12 by Warren Ellis, Jason Masters & Guy Major - Well a spy's cover and plans are blown up all to hell and for once it isn't Bond. A manhunt and mad dash occurs across the city with an activated bomb in the center. Ellis ends Eidolon in the only fashion I'd expect: Madcap!

    MASK 2 by Brandon Easton, Tony Vargas & Jordi Escuin - With some fellow comic book reading buddies I said what tactic I just saw used in this issue: Strikeforce Morituri. I realize that may be way dated for today's readers but for us old fogies yeah it was an interesting concept. The MASK/VENOM War begins in earnest here with our heroes shaken physically and mentally.

    ROM 6 by Christos Gage, Chris Ryall, Paolo Villanelli & Alessandra Alexakis - So backup has arrived and yeah, they want to eliminate ROM's friend Camilla on account of her wraith infection. In other news, ROM is about to get trouble from one of my favorite Joes as the ripples from Revolution continue...

    Romulus 3 by Bryan Edward Hill & Nelson Blake III - Sure we knew that she had problems with the mission direction but Ashlar takes things to the next level with um... You just have to see this path she's on. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of her opposite number Achillies and Nicolas gets an offer he can't (might) refuse....

    Black Panther 9 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Brian Stelfreeze & Laura Martin - Just wait until you see Shuri's new power set! And I hope you have been reading World of Wakanda because there is a payoff to a set up started over there. Moves and alliances are being made. To the detriment of T'Challa.

    Captain America Steve Rogers 8 by Nick Spencer & Jesus Saiz -Steve is a manipulative son of a bitch. We see his friendship with Zemo highlighted. We also see the lengths he can go to ensure a person of great power remains on his side. At the center of that is the new Quasar and an alien race?!?!?

    Civil War 8 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, Adam Kubert, Leinil Francis Yu, Daniel Acuna, Alan Davis/Mark Farmer, Marco Rudy, Mark Bagley/John Dell, Esad Ribic & Justin Ponsor - we have finally reached the end of this saga and there was several reckonings. We finally see what happened to Tony Stark and how Carol is tied to it. We get an ending to Ulysses story and well I hope we have a good year to 18 months before the next "event" to build up a new status quo and characters but HEY IvX baby! I'm evented out. Bye bye Marvel Hollow events!

    Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur 14 by Brandon Monclare, Amy Reeder, Ray-Anthony Height & Tamra Bonvillain - Now something with more substance. Ben Grimm tries to have a heart to heart with Lunella but remember who's her good "friend"? Amadeus Cho. Who's the new Hulk? Yup. The next stage of the Thing/Hulk rivalry begins here. In addition to that, Ben makes a new friend and Lunella of course finds this all ridiculous.

    Spider-Man 11 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli & Marte Gracia - The Jefferson/SHIELD story grows deeper as he goes in deeper. Literally. SHIELD got big plans for him as he just wants to help out Miles. Meanwhile, Miles is trying to find his dad. I could say o-oh but that would be too obvious.

    Star Wars 26 by Jason Aaron, Salvador Larroca & Edgar Delgado - The aftermath of the Star Destroyer heist left C-3PO in the Scar Stormtrooper Squadron. A lone rebel decides he is going to rescue him. Problem is that this leaves action another rebel stranded. Also, we get a Young Yoda story from Ben Kenobi's journal.

    Thunderbolts 8 by Jim Zub, Jon Malin & Matt Yackey - So the Winter Soldier rescue mission has gone a little south with SHIELD units everywhere. Throw in a certain Stars and Stripes friend of Bucky's also on the premises and yeah, this mission has gone as smoothly as most T-Bolts missions. And another face from the T-Bolts recent past shows up with Kobik?!?!? Yeah. Not good

    Generation Zero 5 by Fred Van Lente, Francis Portela, Diego Bernard, Andrew Dalhouse & Brian Reber - The kids suffer setback after setback in this one as one member gets taken. Another is hurt seriously and a certain blond pain in the ass has decided what she wants for her 18th birthday BECAUSE of the team's intervention. Yep. Not good pt 2 and I didn't even mention the suicide mission to save the town yet!!

    Autumnlands 14 by Kurt Busiek, Benjamin Dewey & Jordan Bellaire - A final reckoning. A race on the brink. Who's a god/goddess and who's just a bully? There is a lot of subtext and a lot of destruction in this end to the 3rd Arc but again, heart shines through. The series is going on a little hiatus but I'm definitely left wanting more.

    Avengers 3 by Mark Waid, Mike Del Mundo, & Marco D'Alfonso - So Vision tasked Wasp with returning the baby to its proper era to head off the attack from Kang(S). Yeah if Nadia knew what she was in for in hindsight, I think she'd refuse. Time attacks, zealots, wonky visions and NO assurances that this would end the war. The mettle of a young hero tested, team on edge of defeat BUT SamCap has a plan...

    Captain America 17 by Nick Spencer, Paul Renaud & John Rauch - There's a new political pundit on the scene and she has taken aim at the New Falcon on her anti-immigration platform. What's a young hero to do? Get help and confront her directly. Good plan right? Not if you into direct conflict with those who want to PERMANENTLY hush her up! Start the chaos on this could have been ripped from the headlines story...

    Champions 4 by Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado - Team feeling good after a successful mission in Middle East when a missile takes out the ship. Now stuck in middle of ocean, team has to once again work together to survive. And um, middle of ocean? Who exactly fired the missile? Levity and hijinks continue and Waid continues to write the best Cyclops for me since Operation Zero Tolerance.

    Nova 2 by Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez & Ian Herring - Sam meet Richard. Richard meet Sam. The popular Novas formally meet for the first time in the flesh fighting a creature that I assume is from the Cancerverse. Richard meets Sam's familia and the Champions BUT *insert eerie music* yeah their problems unknowingly just got kicked up a notch!

    Hulk 1 by Mariko Tamaki, Nico Leon & Matt Milla - I admit it. I was hesitant to pick up this book because I still have scars from the last "Grey She Hulk" major storyline. However I am glad to say I was wrong. This is a tale of trauma recovery and trying to return to a semblance of normalcy. Well as normal as Jen Walters can get that is. A new clientele and weirdness abounds for our favorite lawyer.

    Wasp 1 by Jeremy Whitley, Elsa Charritier & Megan Wilson - Honestly I didn't know what I was getting into here with Nadia Pym. But I do trust Mr. Whitley after his fine work with Princeless and that Secret Wars Misty/Danny story. So I knew we were going to have a smart, plucky Nadia Pym at least. This went above and beyond by giving me a fitting tribute to Mockingbird. Heck it was done so well that I had to order the trade. Goes without saying that I recommend this to all the fans of that series along with parents who want to get their children interested in STEM and learning early.

    Faith 7 by Jody Houser, Marguerite Sauvage & Joe Eisma - Ok. The fight with "Dark Cat" is over. So why is Faith still getting images/nightmares of dead friends and loved ones? The struggles of being a superhero and everyday life clashing continue on for the young heroine.

    Mockingbird Vol 1: I Can Explain by Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk, Ibrahim Moustafa, Rachelle Rosenberg & Joelle Jones - I mentioned before about Wasp being a great sendoff for this series, pick up vol 1 and you will see why. Ms Cain emphasizes Bobbi's talents outside of heroics such as her intelligence and expertise in biochemistry in this. A smart series that uses facets from Mockingbird's Marvel appearances/history to a positive effect as Bobbi travels the world, doing what she can to get the job done.

    Deathstroke 10 by Christopher Priest, Cary Nord & Jeromy Cox begins by telling more of Slade's history while he's locked up. Meanwhile Rose connects with the family she never knew. And oh look, gangbangers! Yeah this won't end well for them...

    Earth 2 Society 20 by Dan Abnett, Vicente Cifuentes & Rex Lokus - The Ultra-Humanite has victory oh so within his reach. The Society are just pests to his Sandman army. And he's got the ultimate ace up his sleeve to boot! But Batman got a plan...

    New Super-Man 7 by Gene Luen Yang, Billy Tan & Yanfeng Guo - Now in the public eye, Kenan struggles with what to do next with his father gone. His training starts now! Elsewhere, Wonder Woman goes with Batman to visit his "home". NOT what I expected...

    Scooby Apocalypse 9 by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Ron Wagner, Bill Reinhold & Hi-Fi - Story 1 is a downtime episode. Fred and Shaggy bond. Velma and Daphne try to do the same. Scooby is concerned and is proved right as someone makes a very dumb decision. Story 2 by Giffen, DeMatteis, Dale Eaglesham & Hi-Fi furthers the Scrappy Doo story and I have to say, I like this direction. It forces you to ask what is normal? What is the nature of a monster?

    Superwoman 6 by Phil Jimenez, Matt Santorelli, Jack Herbert & Hi-Fi - Lana's fight continues as we finally get the scope of Lana's plan. We also find out who exactly is the Bizaness that has been "helping" Superwoman. And Lex is, well, being Lex.

    Titans 7 by Dan Abnett, Lee Weeks & John Kalisz - Seems like old times as Flash and Superman are having a little race. How much does this Superman know about Wally anyway? And a symbol of Titans lore is updated for the future. Also one of their greatest villains reemerges.

    Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth by Steve Orlando, Jody Houser, & Jamal Campbell - Just who is Mari anyway? Model, activist, hero? A combo of all 3? This issue goes a long way to define the Star of the Animal Kingdom for a new DC age.

    Amazing Spider Man Renew Your Vows 3 by Gerry Conway, Ryan Stegman & Sonia Oback - Welcome to the life of a superhero Little Annie May. I hope you can survive the experience! We get insight to her school life and then see the Mole Man chaos unfold from her point of view.

    Captain America Steve Rogers 9 by Nick Spencer, Javier Pina, Andres Guinaldo & Rachelle Rosenberg - The trial of Maria Hill begins and she's going to defend herself. Steve Rogers machinations continue AND the Skull's cosmic cube corruption grows even deeper as one of Cap's defining moments is about to be tainted forever.

    Ms Marvel 14 by G Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa & Ian Herring -This is supposed to be a relaxing break from the superhero craziness. Kamala joining her guild for a MMORPG adventure but nothing could prep her for how invasive this is going to get. Ms. Marvel faces a new (old) enemy for a very different type of fight.

    Occupy Avengers 3 by David Walker, Carlos Pacheco, Sonia Oback & Wil Quintana - Enter Nighthawk and Nightshade! Exit Hawkeye's face being straight. Him and Red Wolf recover something that they need analysis for but doing so puts Clint in Kyle's crosshairs! Old wounds and new bruises folks!

    Power Man Iron Fist 12 by David Walker, Sanford Greene & Lee Loughridge - Chess moves being made by Wilder, Black Cat & Tombstone with Harlem and our heroes caught in the middle. The battle for supremacy and the soul of a city has begun in earnest.

    Spider-Man 12 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor - Things have gotten a little complicated in terms of Miles search for his dad. How complicated? Well we be dimensional jumping folks. And that means, enter Spider-Gwen.

    This is how I began my 2017. Next Blog: All my ill gotten gains from the Black Comic Fest, reviewed. Yep. Back up the forklift now! Thanks for reading all. until next time, Keep Fantasizing!
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    Item Reviewed: First Book Blog for 2017, Courtesy of Daryll B.@Afronerd Radio! Podcast Shows Every Wed (7:30pm) & Saturday (6pm) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: afronerd
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