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    Sunday, August 5, 2018

    Financing the Blerd Revolution, The Need for Alternative Media, Politics and The Travails of Being a Precog

    I just happened to catch the latest episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher whereby the eponymous host returned from a month long hiatus and it dawned on me that this might be the first show that I actually enjoyed in its entirety.  Maher famously eschews political descriptors as he has made self allusions to a chock-full of isms-libertarianism, progressivism, atheism and so forth, yet in this episode he dovetailed into my bailiwick....pragmatism.   Being a contrarian and cautious observer (shout out to Uatu....Marvel heads will comprehend), I try to warn the Black collective that the metaphorical drawbridge is not lowering as they proceed and no one is listening (in theory).  If you are a Black conservative (or at the very least have moderate to quasi-traditional views) you will be lucky to be perceived as just contumacious by your people. The kneejerk assertion is that you are traitorous, an "Uncle Tom" and definitely not to be trusted.    At Afronerd Radio, we have had countless debates about Blerd/nerd culture, economics, religion and most certainly the "third rail"-the African-American Body politic.  But this time it's different.  We are living in the Trump era and it is imperative that we embrace all that is Vulcan.  I'm talking about absolute empiricism (damn another ism), FACTS and clarity of vision (and I mean on the 20/20 side of the game.....actually seeing).  Check out this Real Time episode as we have affirmed just about everything in this show on previous podcast installments-our precog abilities remain unwavering.

    Black folks for the majority of our 400 year vacation stay in the Americas are preternaturally used to American skullduggery.

    But still....these are the times to PLAN.  Support the outlets that you trust.  Contribute what you can to burgeoning outfits (the Afronerd machine, notwithstanding) that promote the programming (or deprogramming) that fits within your personal political paradigm.  We have a lot of attainable goals for the Afronerd machine.....better equipment, continued Youtube penetration, tapping the convention circuit and movie showings.  This is not just pop's reverse engineering the failure narrative.  So remember to vote during the forthcoming mid-term elections, consciously support Black business as you divest from reductive anti-Black/minority finance.

    Afronerd Radio IS going to persevere but your investment sure would make the journey less treacherous.

    Oh Wakanda (with an American embassy in Tulsa) is possible.  Let's make it happen.  We really don't have a choice. 
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