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    Tuesday, October 16, 2018

    More DNWB Stories; TI's Trap Museum & Keke the Pimp; Paul Allen, MWIR 7pm ET

    Mid Week in Review Airs 10.17.18

    Howdy, folks!  Per usual, it's that time to be terse and get straight to the facts!  Listen to a new installment of the MWIR (Mid Week in Review) airing every Wednesday at 7pm eastern.  The topics to be discussed are: yet another story hits the media asserting that a White woman attempted to prevent a young Black man from gaining entrance into his own apartment because she felt uncomfortable (Doing Nothing While Black-"DNWB")....oh and there are more incidents; if the Kanye West fiasco wasn't enough, his fellow rap musician/colleague, T.I. is purportedly curating a trap museum (wha?);  and in like-minded fashion, actress, Keke Palmer's, Pimp trailer hit the internets this week; Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen dies at 65;  according to a piece, it appears that the nerds/fanboys had their final say on the Solo movie via AI and deep learning (hint: Harrison Ford gets injected into the prequel whether he wants to or not); more DCEU failings via the recent Flash movie announcement;  Dark Phoenix actress, Sophie Turner isn't sure if the X-men franchise and its them of intolerance and pathos will translate well into the MCU; thoughts about former Marvel VP, Bill Jemas creating another comic publishing company, Lightspeed (5M in funding) and an Avengers 4 trailer description hits the web.  Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.  

    TIME on the passing of Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen:

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