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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018

    A Reminder Why Afronerd.Com Exists: Highlighting Tech Wunderkind, Mr. Iddris Sandu

    I think it's safe to assume that the author of the above tweet is not really the famed comedic actress Fran Drescher but I am sure that the tweet below is from CNN commentator, Symone Sanders:


    What do both tweets have in common, you ask?  The adherence to an almost Trumpian level of cognitive dissonance. Avid listeners to Afronerd Radio are keenly aware that we not only highlight "Blerd" popular culture but also actively promote the branding of the Black intellect. African brainwork. Black calculation.  Here's a good one-Black American cogitation.  If we ever expect to erect a real life Wakanda (Akon's efforts, notwithstanding), the exaltation of the absurd must cease. I have seen countless tweets, and even think pieces, devoted to varied phenomena that align aspiration with patent dysfunction and again, this must stop.  The specific phrase that "triggered" (why did I have to use that word but it does apply) me is  "her accomplishments."   Check out one of Ms. B.'s accomplishments as displayed in the lyrical content of one her popular songs, Bartier Cardi via the link below (nope...such filth will not grace this site)-    

    We cannot continue with the subtext that Black/Brown dysfunction as popular culture is "ok" even though the success derived from it comes at the expense of your community.  Or more specifically, your people are the first casualties as you ascend up the ranks as a corporate neo-minstrel.

    Everything for Your Minstrel Show......even if the rest of us suffer.

    Enter tech wunderkind, Iddrs Sandu:

    Hat tip goes to our resident cinephile and redoubtable Afronerd Radio supporter, Sergio Mims for bringing this young gentleman's quantifiable accomplishments to our attention. Here's an excerpt on Sandu from

    While other kids were at home watching television, a 13-year-old named Iddris Sandu spent most of his childhood in the library, reading texts about the theory of relativity and studying the German industrial designer Dieter Rams.
    Now 21, the self-made entrepreneur and California native has made quite a name for himself in the worlds of technology and entertainment.
    With a passion for tech and culture, Sandu has written algorithms and code for tech giants like UberTwitterInstagram and Snapchat, received the Presidential Scholar Award from President Barack Obama.
    And there's even a more introspective expose on Sandu, courtesy of (below):
    And there's Sandu in accordance to his own words:

    Notice what's written on the sole of Sandu's kicks as worn in the above clip:

    The inclusion of the fictional Tony Stark cannot be discounted even if it is to the chagrin of Bill Maher.  
    Again, to reiterate the main premise of this blog drop, let's start to rally around true Black excellence and actually place focus toward young folk of color who engender advancement as opposed to regression.  Reciting the words to Bodak Yellow en route to neo-Black Wall Street/Wakanda is highly unlikely but with Mr. Sandu's software engineering skills, one might have a fighting chance at finding its location.    

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