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    Saturday, February 28, 2015

    Daryll B's (Not so) Latest Link Blog! One AfroNerd vs Addictive TV... Boy Did I Lose & WIN!!!

    Busy, busy time in television for yours truly as I have focused on comics and film since the new year has started. But this week had 3 things that got me revved up. First was Tuesday Night!

    The Flash Recap

    The Agent Carter Recap

    The two shows were so exciting that I, even knowing the hiccups/plotholes, was TOTALLY geeking out. Now I said hiccups and in that I mean I STILL think The Flash is going a little fast with the reveals Then hits us in the gut with it will be back in a month with Harrison Wells essentially outing himself. ALREADY??? And you give that away in a preview for the next show? A MONTH AWAY? ARGGGHHH!!!!! Are you guys at the CW taking lessons from Marvel on how to publicize stories? Way to kill suspense... but the final scene happened before that and Grodd obscures all!
    Then over at Agent Carter...sure I get a MadBomb which is totally awesome to a continuity geek like me but I have to ask the question, yet again, how do you put the associate of Captain America as an underling to green-ish agents? Come on. No one found it peculiar about the Russian's insistence to CONSISTENTLY be by the window? In a spy headquarters? Worst. Spies. EVER. However, I find Dottie intriguing and the Jarvis/Peggy banter in this episode was top notch... ESPECIALLY the handcuffed to a table scene. Classic!
    Wednesday happened which gave me....
    The Arrow Preview

    ..and now I have to say that someone in the CW's offices must have that remote control from the movie Click. Why? Damn they blew through the Ollie reveals to Thea who she killed subplot FAST! I thought that they would have waited until Ra's entrance into Starling City for that tidbit to bubble to the surface. And on top of that, this was a flashback heavy episode about Ollie's "first return" to the city. That meant one Diggle scene, one Felicity scene, no Ray Palmer, and no Arsenal. However, what saved this was Pa Lance, who gave a manic performance in the past AND present with Laurel. Ramifications will be felt here folks...
    However, the major impetus for this blog was one little comment made on Twitter during BGN's Sleepy Hollow group watch/twitter chat. Essentially the commenter equated Katia Winter as Katrina to Jenna Coleman as Clara on Doctor Who as being grating to fans at large who enjoyed the dynamic of the leads before they became more important. I told folks that the person was on point with the theory, and even had the right show but had the wrong actress.
    You see, I equate the fans bad feelings/hatred toward Katrina to the bile I saw directed towards Freema Agyeman a.k.a Martha Jones by Whovians. When Doctor Who returned with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler being The Doctor's Companion, the new generation of fans fell for her IMMEDIATELY. She was adored and these fans thought Rose would be there forever. However, as is the want with Doctor Who mythos, change is the only constant. Piper was out, with a happy ending to her story mind you, and Agyeman as Dr. Martha Jones was in. I loved her in the role but I can admit that the writers wrote her too smitten with The Doctor. This writing drove the Rose Fanbase nuts and as a result, some of them took it out on Jones.
    This is what some of the Sleepy Hollow Fans have been doing with Katrina, EVEN with Crane AND Abbie both stating how much he was still in love with his wife. Fans were just too "into" the Crane/Abbie dynamic that now with Katrina's return, it was inevitable that there was going to be some resistance. So it up to Sleepy Hollow's writers and Ms. Winter to bring out Katrina's full dimension/personality. Monday's episode was a start, let's see if Next Monday if they can stick the landing!
    Around The Links
    -Kelly Thompson provides science fiction stories that could be a great alternative for those fans that were turned off by Jupiter Ascending

    You know, if Bitch Planet is optioned to be a movie, someone get Robert Rodriguez on the phone NOW!
    -I know on the last show I provided a way to introduce Miles Morales into the Cinematic Marvel Universe but Mr. Illidge on this week's The Color Barrier throws a little cold water on me....

    Well. He does have valid my rational side....but my heart says "Do it! Do it now!"
    BTW if you missed last week's The ComicShoppe and the bonus of Daryll losing his mind thanks to Jackie Robinson West Little League, here's the link:

    Yeah. I got a little angry. Sorry about that folks. But those that know me for awhile know how much I hold little league to a high esteem. Some of the best times of my life were playing and coaching and this...THIS was yet another shot to the gut of something I value.
    -Convergence is coming. So of course Newsarama had to do a little back time research...

    I loved Wildstorm; adored Zuda; and Milestone TOTALLY changed the way I looked at comics. Sigh. Such great memories...
    -Meanwhile, they also took a look at the Marvel upcoming Secret Wars event...

    I am STILL TOTALLY hating on this Wanda and Pietro jedi mind trick/family inversion....
    -Getting closer to the premiere...

    Ironically, this reminded me to finally pick up the last collection of the series BEFORE the relaunch and DAMN if that didn't knock me on my arse.... I don't know about the show, but by gosh Bendis' Powers, that last GN was AWESOME!

    I have read 4 of the 5 nominees: you guys already know where I hold Shaft and Ms. Marvel. Gene Luen Yang's work on The Shadow Hero with Sonny Liew is along with his work on Avatar is why I love him on Superman post-Convergence. And Nilah Magruder's M.F.K. is an interesting webcomic about reluctant youth against the system. The only one I haven't read/heard of before this is Lisa K. Weber and Kelly Sue Milano's Hex11. But if it is thought of that highly to be put in this much quality? I have to hunt it down.
    -Speaking of Shaft...

    Let the fantasy role-casting begin!
    -The best thing about AfroNerd's new direction/mission/team ups? I get to spotlight stories like this:

    Good luck to Ariell Johnson and I hope to pass through in the future when I am in Philly. Thanks to Madame Broadnax and BlackGirlNerds for the article.
    So AfroNerd Readers Old and New, Thanks For Reading! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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