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    Friday, February 6, 2015

    Latest Link Blog Droppings by Daryll B in a Post Super Bowl State of Mind!

    Super Bowl Hangover AfroNerd Blog

    Super Bowl Hangover for yours truly but I have nuggets of info and thoughts ready for you folks. And no. I don't care to comment on the Terminator or Jurassic commercials. When Furious 7 beats you outright in the eyes of sci-fi fans...Yeah lemme just get started....
    -So Newsarama interviewed the artists behind The Multiversity Guidebook and well...

    I promised buds an explanation of why I didn't go gaga over this part story, part who's who and there are 3 reasons for that:
    1) 8 Dollar price point when it was the same thickness as their $4-5.99 annuals...
    2) So in every universe with a Batman, he's white? Even in the BLACK Universe??? Oh come on!!! Only sign of diversity on that score was John Byrne's Generations and Stan Lee's "Invent" universes. Those are 2 free agent writers that introduced a lil diversity in their limited series. Come on guys!
    3) No Just Lotta Animals Universe? I got Captain Carrot sure but I liked the intelligent "Peter Porker imitation" universe that was introduced through Captain Carrot ironically. I won't even get into the lack of the "Cosmic Egg" JLA/Avengers universe either...
    Now the perks with this story was:
    1) It validated R.I.P. Batman, Final Crisis, and The Return of Bruce Wayne and I guarantee that every one of Morrison's Fans will be going over those trades to see the breadcrumbs hinted at in the Guidebook.
    2) It gave us the Morrison Credo that Cuteness = Evil
    3) I got to see the Wonderworld Heroes, or at least a version of them, introduced by Morrison during his JLA run AND he connected them to The L.E.G.I.O.N.!!! So, yeah. Major Daryll Brownie Points Earned.
    Other thoughts on the books I got over the last 10 days:
    -Nice to see that Al Ewing isn't shying away from the fallout from Axis in Captain America and the Mighty Avengers. I know some folks will not like the conversation that Monica Rambeau had with Sam Wilson, but I found it endearing.
    -Star Trek/Planet of the Apes is playing out almost exactly how I thought it would especially with "The Prime Directive".
    -I can't say that about Autumnlands. Man is the lead hero a %^*(^^!!! But credit to Busiek for those lovely toys. I want those glasses! LOL
    -Best books for me here are The Valiant #2 and All New X-Men #35 just on pure geekgasms alone. However, the best written book here was March Book Two just for the John Lewis full speech alone. Throw in the warts shown by "The Big Six" that was also witnessed in the movie Selma, and damn! Powerful Stuff.

    -Yep I went crazy with trade hunting with Flash Volume 1, New Avengers Illuminati, and Captain America Volume 3 but it all good. Now onto more links!
    -So I didn't actually know this before Monday by Secret Wars will be Jonathan Hickman's swan song at Marvel for the near future...

    #Itsallconnected I think can be used for all his stories while at Marvel. S.H.I.E.L.D., though unfinished, bled right into Secret Warriors and Fantastic Four led right into his Avengers run. It has been a head trip and a pleasure to read and argue about. Here's hoping he can stick the landing on Secret Wars.
    -This week on The Mission, Joseph Illidge looks at Storm...

    I am almost tired at this point of urging people who have cried for diversity at Marvel to pick up this book, Miles Morales, Al Ewing's Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, Ms. Marvel et al. I am beginning to think that a lot of folks can cry foul all they want but when it comes to support the chance.... Yeah....
    -Augie De Blieck Jr. of CBR makes his predictions for Secret Wars...

    I can see a lot of these coming true too. But I have to disagree with him on hating 616. I liked that number. It made the Marvel Universe distinctive.
    -There are times reading these articles where I have to call bs.

    Come on Mark Goffman! You haven't heard/seen the hate for Katrina? I been on Twitter for 10 days and I know that there's a lot of loathing for her and this season. I do have to say that the past 3 shows have been better but I owe a lot of that to Orlando Jones who, once again, has been stealing EVERY scene he has been in.
    -Oooooh things are getting built up for this at TNT....

    My lineup for the Titans show? If I can't use Cyborg, Arsenal, Kid Flash, or Deathstroke because of TV/Cinematic red tape then with slight tweaks to my favorite lineup I would have:
    Dick Grayson, Changeling (Gar Logan but instead of full on animal transformations, have him be a Vixen/Animal Man mimic type), Aqualad (either Garth or Kaldur'ahm for diversity), Raven, Starfire, Natasha Irons (Steel's Daughter, inventor taking place of Cyborg, diversity, AND link to Superman) and of course Donna Troy.
    As for villains, Fearsome Five, Brother Blood, Rose, Jericho, and Grant Wilson with Trigon being the behind the scenes puppetmaster "gifting" powers to various villains to test Raven and the Titans.
    -I'm pretty sure I recommended this a couple of months ago but HEY! What can another plug hurt?

    I'm more hyped for this than either Convergence or Secret Wars. I love the Transformers Combiner teams and here's hoping I finally get that Superion vs Predaking brawl. Only problem I see with this is that I can remember 5 Decepticon Combiner teams as opposed to only 3 for the Autobots. Transformers Heads out there? Did they make more Autobot combiners?
    So yeah I good as I get ready to watch this week's The Flash and Agent Carter. Folks, I hope I gave you some things to think about and yes, I still have some Black Label on my brain. Thanks for reading and Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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