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    Saturday, January 31, 2015

    Check Out Daryll B.'s Latest Link Blog Droppings!

    AfroNerd Blog for 1-29-15 "Definitely Out Of My Comfort Zone"

    Howdy to AfroNerd and Facebook Readers. I'm back on what possibly might be a blog that might get me more haters than I ever thought possible. And I blame Twitter but that will come later. I'll start off with the links and then go into the story and I will let you all judge because....well I don't really know how to phrase it so let's do 10 links. Then you guys and gals could roast me all you want.
    -I'll start off with the important thing. In an effort to expose more people to your works, African-American/Black artists and writers?

    CSBG always do a great job with these and I know a lot of guys/gals want to have their work out there. So....
    -Yeah. I don't know what to feel about this...

    Mehcad Brooks? I wish him luck as Jimmy Olsen. My problem with this is that this is Supergirl. You could introduce NEW black characters to her universe. There are not mainstays that everyone knows in Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers life. So while I like that there will be an ethnic presence here, I didn't want it to be Jimmy Olsen ESPECIALLY when we just saw him in Man of Steel.
    -While on a quest to get people pissed at me, I will say I wholehearted agree with Brett White.

    Where are the Black Widow action figures and merchandise Disney/Marvel???? Do you really want to get the female fans angry at you? Look at GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad snafu with dog lovers. Not a good idea to get on the bad side of female fans.
    -But even as I say that, I going to risk gals' ire here.

    Let me just say that I have misgivings about this. Not because the team are all female but because I don't find them that FUNNY. At all... As I wrote on MC Chris' Facebook post on the subject, I'll be going in with fingers crossed and hoping for quality.
    -Leave it to Chris Sims to pervert something of mine since childhood...

    ...and be TOTALLY CORRECT! Ivar is like John Hurt's War Doctor except "younger" and less quippy. Like I said on last week's ComicShoppe, most of what Valiant has done in its return so far seems to be quality.
    -I have been loving this story

    Take that ignorant people! No set of people is all "good" or "bad", no matter how much you want to believe that.
    -So this came out this week...

    I can't wait to hear Captain's take on this. I found the teaser trailer to be meh but definitely not a disaster.
    -Ladies, here's my olive branch...

    I am not even going to go in-depth into this one.
    -Nearly forgot my mission to share "The Mission"

    Mr. Illidge does bring up a great point. In our joy and speculating about the NEW Milestone, we totally overlooked Michael Davis. Where is he? What has he been doing? Is he The Fourth Man? Is he the new Keyser Soze? Is he an international man of mystery now? Yeah I know I am babbling but I love a good mystery and I hope Mr. Davis' return to comics will be mindblowingly awesome!
    -So now the article that helped me get in trouble this week...

    Bravo Lindsey for this. Even though I am of the male gender, this can so represent me as well. I am that awkward nerd. Not so smart to be in Neil DeGrasse Tyson territory, not dumb enough to fit in with the jock set. Even though I am a sports junkie. I constantly feel like an outsider, even in the midst of my friends and family. They don't get it, they'll unfortunately will never get it but I have accepted that this is going to be my station in life. It has only taken 38 years of experience, some pain, and a whole lot of tears for me to do so.
    However, as of Monday, I am now a part of Twitter and what do I see trending the instant I got on? A memorial to a girl who committed suicide. Her friends and family said that they hoped her death would make a difference and be a beacon to those who are bullied. A few weeks ago, it was a trans-student that committed suicide, hoping that in death it who make a difference to those who are going through the same thing.
    Death is it. No one knows what is on the other side. The biggest difference/symbol you can have on the world is by persevering within it. In death you leave a void within your family and friends that no one can fill. I was bullied for years to the point that my self-confidence fluctuates from day to day. My social skills vary from absurd to outrageous on the anti-social scale ESPECIALLY around beautiful women.
    Each day is worth living to me. I may say I don't have many true friends but I have enough people thanks to Facebook and now Twitter that I can look to and laugh and forget my problems for a little while. Why willingly give up on living when there is so much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience? Young people in the world if you take one thing out of this mini-lecture, take this: Life is never a deadend for each new day is one filled with hope. Life is never easy for any of us. There is always someone to talk to. Please, if you need help, you have a multitude of paths to get it.
    I have my own brushes with death in my past. I NEVER want to be that low again. With my friends and experiences with life, I'll NEVER be again. *knocks on wood*
    Thanks for reading and once again, if I pissed any of you off, I'm sorry. I just had to get it off my chest.
    Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing.
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