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    Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    Check Out Daryll B's Schomburg Black Comic Book Festival Synopsis!

    What An AfroNerd Weekend! So, So Much To Talk About

    As I lie here, both my computer and I are in recovery. Me, from a wild weekend and work. The laptop from an unexpected crash due to, well, I don't know what. So this blog will be a little scattered since my original version was unrecoverable. However, I got news from EVERYWHERE.. So strap yourselves in AfroNerd and Facebook Readers...this will be a doozy.
    First up, a couple of misadventures on Friday led me to my bud Jeff's Time Warp comic store in Hewlett, Long Island before work. You already know me folks, if I go in I have to pick up books. This time I came out with Superman/Batman Sorcerer KingsThe Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl #1, and Nu52 Flash Vol. 2 Rogues Revolution.
    The Superman and Batman graphic goes from the past to the alternate future to even DC One Million. It obvious that writer Cullen Bunn had a field day with some of the crazier aspects of the DC Universe in what was probably one of the last runs before the Nu52 switch. Highlight of the book for me was seeing "Warlock Batman". Yep you read that right...and I am not even going to try to explain it. Just go to your local library or comic shop and check it out for yourselves...
    If you have a member of your family or friend circle that liked Franklin Richards Son of a Genius or the Lumberjanes series, point them towards Squirrel-Girl. It is every bit over the top in the comical sense like a Deadpool or 'Mazing Man but has the cuteness factor of Peanuts. Heck, if you got a friend that likes the comic stylings of the webcomic Girls With Slingshots, point them this way as well. I have to admit to laughing out loud on the bus three or four times reading this as I went to work. Ryan North and Erika Henderson have got a hit here.....
    Seeing how the following Tuesday was going to be the debut of the Captain Cold/Heat Wave partnership on The Flash TV Show, I couldn't resist picking up the 2nd Volume of the Nu52 version titled "Rogues Revolution". Now with that out of the way, let me just state that the main story (and actually like Supes/Bats before) is the 3rd story in this collection as the Rogues got after Captain Cold. Yes you read that right too! And this is right after Flash faces Grodd for the first time AND then runs into Weather Wizard on foreign soil. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are certainly taking familiar concepts and turning up the frenetic pace here...

    Saturday... AfroNerd, Captain Kirk, and I traveled to the Schomburg Center in Harlem for the Black Comic-Con and as expected we geeked out....Ok Ok I geeked out. Let me be honest first, I was afraid that having this one AND one in San Francisco at the same time would dilute the experience. Let me tell you that I am quite happy to be oh so wrong. Highlights during our time there were:
    -Seeing Professor Ben Foster doing his thing on the vendor floor, greeting and talking to EVERYONE. Man is probably our elder statesman yet has a seemingly infinite battery when it comes to conventions. I feel old seeing him in action.
    -Visiting N Steven Harris' table and getting my hands on not only Voltron Volume 2 but also the original 6 issue Dreamwave GI Joe-Transformers series. I couldn't find it in its entirety for years and now I have it. *Salivating*
    -Getting into the Publisher's Panel which was moderated by John Jennings (SUNY Buffalo/Kid Code) with Zetta Elliott (The Deep), Alex Simmons (BlackJack), and Tim Fielder (Matty’s Rocket). First off, John Jennings, along with Jerry Craft, helped organize the convention here AND the one that happened in San Francisco. Secondly, Alex Simmons' bantering with Tim Fielder was HILARIOUS! I managed to pick up two of Mr. Simmons' Blackjack books and really have to get in touch with Mr. Fielder to come on The ComicShoppe for a future episode. Finally, my biggest regret this year was not remembering to visit Zetta Elliot's table. I love the look of The Deep and that along with Fielder's Matty's Rocket are on my must get list now.
    -In between panels, we met the lads from Black Nerd Problems ( ) for a mutual admiration 5 minute pow-wow. Omar and Jordan make me proud just by doing their thing. Keep going strong guys and if you are interested in their views on the show well...

    -We also got to meet Gan Golan and Betsy Richards with their mini manager, the creators of the comic Helvetika Bold. Picture Wonder Woman crossed with Foxy Brown in an early '70s comic. Complete with parodies of the classic comic book ads like x-ray glasses and decoder rings. The great thing about this was the joy and enthusiasm that Gan and Betsy had not only for their book but for the convention itself. That fun never gets old.
    -It is time for the main event: we sat in on the Controlling Our Images Panel which was moderated by Regine Sawyer (Lockett Down Productions) with Msindo Kuumba (Art Director/2D Lead Artist/Visual Artist), Grey Williamson (Artist/Author), Robert Garrett (Xmoor Studios), and Alithia Martinez (Artist/Author). OHMIGOSH was this a spirited panel. Let me say that Msindo is a fantastic creator but he has a career as a motivation speaker and guide. His stories mesmerized the audience and hopefully lit a creative fire in some. Mr. Garrett was soft spoken but you could see the knowledge and years of experience with in him. Also I am not abashed to say that seeing the verbal jousting between Mr. Williamson and Ms. Martinez was thought provoking and seriously, if they got a podcast show in the vein of His and Hers about the industry, it would be a must listen to for everyone. I was worn out after this but inspired.
    So many young faces. So many smiles. I hope that the con does it again next year with as much fervor. BTW for views about the San Francisco convention, Nerds of Colorhas got you covered here...

    Sunday. Yeah Daryll B. had a little too much to drink Saturday Night with the buds after the comic-con and had to sober up to watch the NFL Championship Games. So I popped on Zombie With A Shotgun which I was planning to review for a later show. The 5 episode web serial by Hilton Ruiz is about, well, you see the title.
    Episode 1: and the other episodes can be seen on Vimeo
    ZWAS runs approximately 5 minutes and up per episode and is a prime example of what I have been talking about. We have the means now to make whatever you want, whenever you want. Mr. Ruiz knows what he's shooting here and doesn't try to go over the top with the premise. The interesting thing about the story is that the hero is slowly turning and we all know he is going to turn but that isn't rushed. That builds up the suspense even more for the audience, who will wonder which traumatic situation will be the one to force the "final change". I often say that in things like this, I often gauge the actors/actresses to see how "into" the project they are and let me tell you, this looked like everyone had a blast. So much so that guess what's getting the graphic novel treatment and a movie poster? Yep. Zombie With A Shotgun. Look at the first episode...preferably with the lights on and a bulletproof vest. Make the choice for yourself. If you liked Project Terror from Grindhouse, I think you will like these webisodes.
    Can you believe I have room for links too?
    -So I guess you have heard the news by now.....

    That's right! Milestone is on its way BACK! Static gets a live action treatment and now I might get Blood Syndicate back?!?!?! Come on 2015 with your bad self!
    -Brett White is of 2 minds concerning the Marvel Universe "ending" news...

    As a guy who has used the "good" me/"bad" me method in blogs before, this was HILARIOUS!!! I hope the event is half as funny as this was. Good job Brett! Speaking of funny...

    Well we know who in the crowd are actual comic book fans now. Posers. Sorry. I know I have to be more tolerant but some of those fakers are symbolic of a trend of fakery going on prime time right now...(See Obama's State of the Union speech and Congress' reaction to his statement about treating Muslims fairly. Yep I went there. Equal rights my black fanny!)
    -I often talk about music. Well on Fandomania, Chad lists his favorite geek music albums of 2014.

    If you read any of my blogs last year, I know you recognized at least 6 of these albums...
    -First Tom Hardy, now Jake Gyllenhaal

    Didn't I tell you all that DC had to "prove" it to me? You went on blast with this killer lineup Warner Bros and now parts are dropping off...
    -To wrap this up, Mr. Illidge? Take it away....

    I knew of Ms. Carter's lineage however I bet you some of her Wonder Woman admirers just had to do a spit take. Yes ladies and gents, we have had a Latina Wonder Woman and you ADORED her. Oh this is PRICELESS!!!
    OK I am tired. That was a lot of words but AWESOME memories. Thank you all who made it to the end of this. I adore you all. I need sleep. Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!
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