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    Sunday, August 9, 2015

    An Angry/Frustrated Blog Drop From The Uncanny Daryll B! Just a Fantastic (4) Disappointment

    Sigh...ok AfroNerd Blog....Screw This!

    Dear FOX, SONY, and Marvel Studios,

    What is it about the original stories that you seem to hate? Why can't I ever get the essence of what I read on screen without you doing some drastic change to the mythos that is either incomprehensible or causes derision among the fanbase? The list of projects that you have done this to is extensive but after watching Fantastic Four, after seeing the Spider-Man news, sitting through Age of Ultron with a wise-cracking Ultron... I just couldn't hold back any longer.

    Fantastic Four is a simple prospect: the First Family of Marvel! They are explorers of the fantastic. Through them, we young Marvel fans discovered at least 70% of the Universe we know and love. We met the Kree and Skrull through their exploits. We feared the Negative Zone and Annihilus. We sat in awe of The Silver Surfer and cowered in the shadow of Galactus. Through them we actually met The Watcher and his whole race, who were cosmic equivalents of us readers at home.

    You want to know how to make a great Fantastic Four movie? No more origins or remakes. Don't
    force Doctor Doom into the dynamic. Let's just join the team as they explore the universe and stumble across something where they have to use their powers in FANTASTIC ways to save the day! And get Mark Waid to oversee this instead of Mark Millar. You need a builder of mythos for The World's Greatest Comic Magazine Heroes rather than a deconstructor. The travesty in the movie theaters right now is proof of that if you don't believe me... Still if you need proof, I cannot recommend Waid's run on Fantastic Four with the departed Mike Wieringo and Barry Kitson on art enough. That run had family, fun, horror, dissent, heroics, guilt, AND inter-team dynamics throughout. That leads to another point...

    Marvel I am SO not letting your a$$e$ off the hook here. Without a regular Fantastic Four book for folks to read, all they have left is...this. Sigh. Why punish the diehard comic book fans for YOUR mistakes? Yes I went there... Not even a Future Foundation book on the new schedule either? What the heck? So I see everyone getting pieces of the pie but I can't have the team book that WAS a true family back?

    Growing up sucks....and so did this blog/rant...I didn't want to be negative but....I love the Fantastic Four, just about as much as I love X-Men, Teen Titans, Superman or Spider-Man. Times I couldn't talk to family growing up, I had the FF. This was a blow to my soul....

    Hopefully I have a better least I still got Mission Impossible and Ant-Man in theaters... BUT I wanted Fantastic Four to work. I really did...

    Thanx For Reading! Until Next Time Fans, Keep Fantasizing!
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