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    Sunday, August 9, 2015

    Fresh Blog Droppings From Daryll B! We do listen to our supporters! Now Sniff and READ!



    One Last Time in The Pit...

    Sigh...Not exactly how anyone wants to begin a blog or anything actually but Rest In Peace Rowdy Roddy Piper! One the men who fostered a love for Pro Wrestling within a young me, Piper was the definitive bad guy. Classless, remorseless, yet intelligent and funny, Piper helped teach me how to respect others every week on WWF Programming. Piper's Pit was not only must watch viewing but probably was the arch-type for current daytime talk shows. He starred in They Live, one of my favorite movies of all time. Actually got to meet him at a couple of wrestling conventions/shows and the man was as intelligent in real life as he when he was "on". As you have heard me say on air or on my Facebook/Twitter feeds, Piper can be summed up in one famous wrestling phrase:

    "Everytime you got the answers, I change the questions!"

    Rest In Peace Rowdy Roddy Piper! Losing you and Dusty within months is certainly a body blow that young Daryll won't recover from anytime soon.


    Two shows ago, stalwart Afronerd supporter and friend, Bison4Life challenged us to spotlight new books and almost on cue this week's Comic Shoppe News came out with chock full of books that will come out in October. So Bison, I hope you got these on your radar. These Image books I wrote about in previous blogs but now I can  give you full descriptions...

    Ron Wimberly has Sunset Park and Slave Punk coming out. Sunset Park looks like one man's fight against gentrification in Brooklyn as he finds news and notes in a studio to create a story. Slave Punk seems to be right up AfroNerd's alley as it tells the story of a genius slave sparking a civil war against King Cotton to end slavery.

    Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott's Black Magick is the story of Rowan Black, a detective who is also a witch in Portsmouth. Unfortunately those two worlds are about to come crashing together!

    Virgil OGN by Steve Orlando and JD Faith sounds like a revenge tale straight out of Payback. A cop in Jamaica is outed in newspapers and outcasted by his police brethren. So what can he do now? Anything he damn well wants!

    Shane Davis' Axcend I have mentioned before. What happens  when a video game comes into reality to play? And it is just a lil more violent than within said game? Hopefully this washes out some of the bad taste left by Pixels...

    Jimmie Robinson and Richard Pace hits me right in sick mind with Expired. I have to copy this word for word because you'll then know EXACTLY why this is going to be a Daryll book:

    "A homeless war vet ends up helping a ghost who's connected to an old coin operated parking meter. He can only see and communicate with her as long as he feeds the meter. He has to solve the murder before the city replaces the meter with a modern version...and the killer finds him!"

    Yep pure Daryll....

    In December, Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep 24 issue run gets collected in one volume by BOOM! just for AfroNerd! lol

    IDW is stepping up their licensing game this Fall/Winter with a Back To The Future anthology/alt-history book, a Street Fighter/GI Joe crossover with CAPCOM, AND they got the rights to Micronauts AND ROM SpaceKnight!!!

    Special Thanks to Bison for the suggestion and for full solicitations, find Comic Shop News #1467 that arrived in comic shops last week.


    Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies #2 by James Robinson and Steve Pugh sees alliances formed on the sides of life and the not alive...? And Humanity's hope is a Hank Pym who DOESN'T know what an Ultron is??? Oh we're screwed....

    Mark Waid's and Paco Medina's SHIELD #8 sees Coulson pairing up Melinda May and Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird up to take down a genetic part/grafting organization. I get violence AND the closest thing to a dream pairing so far.

    Thors #2 by Jason Aaron and the art team of Chris Sprouse & Goran Sudzuka sees the police force mourning then investigating the death of one of their own last issue. The thing even more interesting than the main story is the re-introduction of a character close to the Thors who MIGHT remember the way things used to be...

    Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi's Star Wars #7 tell the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi about 10-15 years before the first movie. And exactly how does Jabba The Hutt fit in with the whole thing was interesting. Aaron does show his knowledge of the material because I totally forgot some of the details surrounding Luke's Aunt and Uncle and their farm.

    Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol #1 by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sara Pichelli, Chris Samnee, & David Marquez contains Ultimate Spider-Man #1-12, Spider-Men #1-5 and some of Ultimate Fallout #4. The early career of Miles Morales is collected here as he gets his powers, finds out about darker aspects of his family, and learns how to be a hero. And with all of that, he meets the adult version of his predecessor, Peter Parker, from the "normal" Marvel Universe. Was fun the first time I read them, and still is engrossing. You sure we can't have a Miles Morales Spidey movie? Hollywood Sucks!

    LOL Thanks for reading folks! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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