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    Saturday, March 26, 2016

    Daryll B's Musings-StarDate 031916 A/K/A The Blackfinity Gauntlet Afterglow

    Still in recovery from our Philly excursion and here I lie typing wondering how I can put my excitement into words. Then I saw this guest article over at Black Girl Nerds:

    THIS! ALL DAY YES! The best part of Blackfinity Gauntlet aka The Black Podcasters meetup at Ariell Johnson's Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse was that I wasn't alone anymore. The feelings of being the only out and out ebon nerd. I mean I know that I'm not and I know that I'm surrounded on the show and from peeps I have met since joining the Afronerd crew 7 years ago that blerds are plentyful.

    Still, years upon years of bullying and being the butt of people/peers' jokes have left scars on me and even though I know..I KNOW now that I am not alone, those doubts and fears I still fight with everyday. Things like this go a long way to help me fight off those ancient demons. A lot of people that were there are posting about the positivity and the brother/sisterhood experienced at the summit. I wanted to share with y'all that this affected me on a deeper level. I hope next year we get double the turnout and that some of the bystanders witnessing this become brave enough to take the leap and start putting themselves out there too.

    A list of us represented can be found at

    Meanwhile in more geeky fare, Black Nerd Problems published this right before we went to the meet-up:
    I have to take the other side on this one BNP. Miles just had the fight of his life. Not against Blackheart but against Peter Parker! He established his place (if only for the moment) as Spider-Man in Peter's eyes. You get the victory over BH and a renewed sense of self with your mentor to come home and see this fan geeking over the fact that Spider-Man is black. Older, Miles could take it in stride BUT remember he is still a teen. His ways/views of the world haven't solidified yet. So of course he got emotional and said "I don't want to be the Black Spider Man! I'm Spider-Man!" It isn't an affront to me, especially after my previous stated years of alienation. I may disagree with their thinking here BUT BNP here definitely has merit! Do yourself a favor and read it over and over.

    On the same vein, check out this article by the upstarts:
    Who's side are you on? Be careful. Choosing a side might reveal your heroes' true selves! Go out and vote people! (see what I did there?)

    I think there's something deeper going on within Dusu #2 by Sebastian A. Jones, Christopher Garner, and James C. Webster. Layers of mystical mystery now are intertwined with Dusu's interactions with the other tribe. Anger and whatever that wolf spirit animal represents is starting to cloud up the situation.

    Clean Room #6 by Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt caps the first madcap storyarc with bullets, lots of blood, and a very unusual gentleman caller highlight this issue which brings Chloe to the very edge of madness. I know. Nothing new given what has gone on in the series so far BUT Simone and Davis-Hunt are killing it! And that gentleman caller? EWWW!!!!

    James gets out of one deathtrap in James Bond 007 Vargr #5 by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters and sets out on a mission of revenge. Yeah. This'll go smoothly. Anyway, I still don't have a clue what it is spreading to London and how to stop it...and the problem is, neither does Bond.

    The Weirdworld Saga continues within 
    Squadron Supreme #5 by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. The team's dynamic changes bigtime as Druid's motivations proceeds in earnest. Nighthawk once again proves that he can out-think most people in the room. And Doctor Spectrum creeps me out. Seriously.

    Answers and revelations come out in 
    Titans Hunt #6 by Dan Abnett and Stephen Segovia as Mr. Twister uses Herald to make music. Nightwing, Donna Troy, and Aqualad have their hands full with an enraged Mammoth. And Lilith comes clean as Hawk and Dove rumble with Gnarrk and Arsenal. With all this chaos going on, I still have to wonder about Bumblebee's baby. Wall to wall intrigue folks!

    Luke Cage catches on fast in 
    Power Man and Iron Fist #2 by David Walker and Sanford Greene while Danny is literally a ditz throughout. They're not a team but everyone pokes holes all through that jibber-jabber. The guys' banter is much better than this plot BUT in terms of the plot, everything from Dead Presidents to Pulp Fiction to Venture Bros was homaged/referenced to here. Black Mariah's plan is explored and Tombstone starts to rip the city apart to get back what was stolen from him....

    Steeljack continues his investigation in 
    Astro City #33 by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, and Alex Ross. Pure noir feelings here as he uses all the little tricks learned from both sides of the fence to gain info on the mysterious thieves/killers. Still think he's being set up for a huge fall BUT this wouldn't be a true noir tale if we didn't have a gumshoe blinded by a pretty dame right?

    Then add the books I picked up at Blackfinity Gauntlet:

    Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #2 & #3 by Tom Taylor and Ethan Van Sciver 
    sees the lost Lanterns still trying to find their way out of a dying universe while dealing with hostile forces AND a seemingly malevolent planet. Tale will have some fans mad because of possible losses to the cast BUT I will say Simon Baz looks great here and it is good to have Guy in green again.

    So you survived your superheroes all going homicidal at the same time and got out of that madhouse of a city. What do you do next?Surviving Megalopolis #1, #2, & #3 by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore has the survivors from the first series GOING BACK IN! What the F?!?!?!?!? Seems there's a wealthy son stuck in the city and mercenary/security forces need their aid to go back in and find him. Yeah. This isn't going to end well...
    There you go...Part 1 of a hectic blog week! Part 2 coming up and all I can say is "Movie Edition!" Hehe 

    Thanks For Reading Folks! Until then, Keep Fantasizing!!!
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