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    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    More Musings from Daryll B. on Batman vs Superman & other Afronerdic fare!

    So for everyone that didn't get a chance to listen to the show Saturday or doesn't want me ranting like a lunatic, I gave Batman/Superman Dawn of Justice a 6/10. Needless to say some spoilers are upcoming, so here's the link to the show Saturday to act as a buffer before I go in:

    I figure that I'll give you my positives first with a little reasoning behind each:

    1) Ben Affleck might be the most complete Batman this side of Kevin Conroy. Yes I said it. This movie may have a lot of problems but his portrayal of a Bruce Wayne/Batman on the edge is the closest thing to right in this movie. I told you folks that he could pull off Argo, The Town, and Gone Girl. He can handle Bruce Wayne. That scene with the girl in the beginning, and the other with the security guard was pure and ideal.

    2) Gal Gadot played Wonder Woman cool and assured. She was strong and composed. Matted of fact the only thing I saw wrong is that Diana would never fly coach. You just have to see the scene....And the fact that she and Affleck had instant chemistry? Totally harkens back to what I felt between them in JLU...

    3) Jesse Eisenberg was a kinetic villain. Annoying at times most assuredly BUT he did bring energy and malice to the Lex Luthor role. One small caveat to that, I can also argue that similar to Heath Ledger, he played the role well but I am not so sure that was Lex Luthor he was playing. Again, up for debate...

    4) The big fight scene was alright...and there are some great shots in the movie.


    1) By now everyone knows my feelings in terms of how Zack Snyder views fun in terms of superheroes he directs. That is apparent here yet again as Superman is filled with a palpable self-loathing when he uses his powers that comes across to the audience.

    2) Partnered with that lane of thinking, every shot with Superman has him partially/totally covered in shadow. I'm sorry. The main thing about the Superman/Batman dynamic is that one is in the shadows and negative while the other is in light and positive. They are equals in their wanting of a better tomorrow and that's where the friendship has common ground. NOT Dark Knight and Sorta Dark Hero.

    3) It is something that Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince automatically have a spark and passion when they first meet because over two movies, Clark and Lois have NONE. Their relationship seems forced!

    4) BUT staying with that thought, just look at when they decide to make out... If that isn't a Superman thing to do, I don't know what is...

    And even with all this, I gave the movie a 6/10. Now let's see how Warner Bros and Snyder builds on it...


    With the news that Deadpool's success as an R movie, some studios are going a bit overboard with the R makes a better movie thing. Likewise, some fans are doing the same in the other direction saying that there's no way that the MCU can do R  movies. Um...what? 

    -Iron Man had extremis which got murdered by Iron Man 3 BUT he still has the tried and true Demon in a Bottle, which is his hitting rockbottom in terms of alcoholism AND the company.

    -Black Widow could do the Yelena (Black Widow 2) storyline in sort of a spy vs spy context. Heck, any spy storyline could work for Hawkeye and, of course, Nick Fury in a SHIELD context too.

    -Thor. Ragnarok. Nuff Said. In the style of Lord of the Rings meets 300 totally can work...

    -Hulk can do a technological horror movie easy, given his history BUT I'd love the dystopian Future Imperfect to come to the screen sometime. BUT, in the vein of Old Man Logan, that would be Ruffalo's last time with him.

    -Captain America. Man Without a Country or The Captain storylines, which are a lot of the beats I am feeling from the Civil War trailers...besides Civil War that is.

    So to sum up: most characters have R rated storylines in their catalog. The question is taking the time and effort to ensure that we get quality on screen and in script.


    Everything starts to hit the fan in We Are Robin #10 by Lee Bermejo and Jorge Corona. The stress the team has been under since before Robin War. The fractures within the team concept become readily apparent as no one is ready for the moves that the unified, yet Jokers are making. Heartbreaking and consistently a great read every month.

    So how exactly did the Maestro survive Battleworld's destruction? Find out in Contest of Champions #6 by Al Ewing and Paco Medina just how did he and Punisher 2099 became players/moderators/usurpers of the "great game". And how do the Elders of the Universe fit into this exactly? An origin stop-gap of a story that moves things along as new players that Ewing is keenly aware of prepare to enter the scene...

    Bloodshot Reborn 2016 Annual by Jeff Lemire and Kano shows a loving homage to the Friday The 13th mythos but though a Bloodshot lens. And of course that means Project Rising Spirit. Which also means there's more to this than meets the eye. In the 2nd Story by ?, Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo, and Jay Fabares, the Squirtshot returns in a hilarious tale featuring a lot of the Valiant heroes. The history of the "maniac" is explored in the 3rd Story by Ray Fawkes. Finally, Bloodshot takes on a cult that is more intimate with his nanites in the 4th Story by Michael Fiffe and Benjamin Marra that is balls to the wall nuts in a way only Fiffe could pull off.

    Murderous inmates. Murderous droids. Sana and Leia trapped in Star Wars 17 by Jason Aaron and Leinil Francis Yu. So who could they possibly turn to for help? Yeah. They go there. Meanwhile, Luke and Han's hijinks continue as they try to recoupe the money lost by Solo gambling.

    Cyborg #9 by David F. Walker, Felipe Watanabe, and Julio Ferreira has Cyborg using all of his abilities to try and head off the government tech squad/legislation. He thinks he got a plan. The Justice League knows he has a plan. But did the plan call for him going up against SHAZAM?!?!?!? Yeah. This might complicate things....

    Just when Kamala thought it was safe to go back to school, Vision pays her a visit in All-New All-Different Avengers #7 by Mark Waid and Adam Kubert. This leads right into the team going into Pleasant Hill and head to head with the Avengers Unity Squad and 2 Maria Hills? What the heck is going on in this strange town???

    Speaking of strange, we see that America does have a limit in Ultimates #5 by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rockafort. Meanwhile, the team is headed off in their desire to "cure" the timestream by the LifeBringer Galactus just as bad things are happening. Speaking of bad, what the hell could CHAIN Eternity???? Yep. Ewing going big with these mindblowing concepts folks!

    Part Two in can...Part Three coming surrounding Daredevil. Supergirl. Flash. Arrow. Agents of SHIELD. Venture Bros. Avengers Assemble. And more Books!

    Thanks for reading! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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