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    Saturday, August 27, 2016

    Daryll B's Pre AfroPunk Blog Droppings! Get Them While They're Hot!

    Eve of AfroPunk Daryll Comic Reviews...

    Another week. Another stack of books that I overdosed on. Who cares what I am doing right now! Let's get to the books!

    Ripped straight from the headlines, Sam Wilson Captain America #12 by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna explores police brutality, movements against and some of the corporate shell games embedded within. Using the ex-New Warrior, ex-Avenger Rage and the Americops as the two extreme sides, Spencer has Sam torn between the stars and stripes he wears and the community he belongs to. I know some people have their problems with the story but I can't recommend this issue enough in terms of how some black cops must feel right now. Oh yeah, another old Avenger returns...

    We wondered when Civil War's beats would start to affect the team and in A-Force #8 by Kelly Thompson, Paulo Siqueira, & Rachelle Rosenberg, boy does it hit them! The team divided with an impossible social question causing one member to not only leave them but becomes "public enemy #1" according to Ulysses. Yeah. Yet another book that uses the idea of the "event" better than the event itself...

    In that same vein, when we last left our heroes, some of their villains & their relatives came to Luke and Danny to hire them for protection. They got jumped by hunters and then by the cops. This led to Danny and several of their clients getting arrested.Power Man & Iron Fist #7 by David Walker, Sanford Greene, Flaviano & John Rauch picks up right there as Luke schemes to get him out while inside of prison, Danny has plans of his own for information. Once again the beats of Civil War make themselves present as...well I not going to spill because *geek freakout over last page* ..... yeah...

    I take this break from Civil War craziness to visit a world destroyed by smart people in Scooby Apocalypse #4 by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Howard Porter & Hi-Fi. Daphene still hates Velma, Fred and Shaggy have a bonding moment, and Scooby once again surprises everyone. Oh yeah, there are still monsters AND another famous character from the fabled lore makes his first appearance. The gang is about to get another challenge folks....

    Back onto my Civil War grind, (I'm actually amazed how many of these satellite books and the consequences have been well done...) Civil War II Choosing Sides #4 came out. 1st story by Chuck Brown, Chris Visions & Megan Wilson explores how the Punisher is using the climate in his one man crime war. The 2nd Story by John Allison, Rosi Kampe & Megan Wilson updates us on Power Pack and finally the 3rd Story by DeClan Shalvey & Jordan Bellaire, Nick Fury makes a crazy play to uproot the Hydra infiltration within SHIELD. Again, for a Marvel all-around information buff like me, Choosing Sides has been like crack...

    Speaking of SHIELD, Coulson is a man alone in Agents of SHIELD #8 by Marc Guggenheim, German Peralta & Rachelle Rosenberg. He looking into the situation with toys that would make several versions of Rick Jones envious. So three guesses who SHIELD sends to curtail him? And as far as the rest of the team goes, Deathlok shows off some skills, Mockingbird does her thing and FitzSimmons might have a new problem. And just wait until you see the new liaison....

    On my second Civil War pause, I picked up Horizon #2 by Brandon Thomas, Juan Gedeon & Frank Martin. The android' mission becomes clearer even as it become apparent that her mission has picked up some attention. Now as to the point of the mission or who exactly is monitoring her, you'll have to pick up the book to find out!

    Back to Civil War, All-New All-Different Avengers #13 by Mark Waid, Adam Kubert & Sonia Oback features Vision wrestling with one of the most philosophical questions EVER. A question that is tiring but still makes people think. Still, harkens back to how this series began with serious ramifications for the future. And makes me wonder about the Young Avengers too while I'm at it. And you'd think Peter Parker would have better security for that machine???

    I'm ending my single issue reviews/snark with Ultimates #10 by Al Ewing, Kenneth Rocafort, Djibril Morrisette & Dan Brown. How much could they fit into one comic? Thanos' objective revealed! Miss America makes her move against.... well that would be telling! Who the hell is backing up who? The fracturing of the team is just about complete and well, Thanos is Thanos. Team is SCREWED! And...and this is an enjoyable carwreck to watch!

    Adding Another Week of Books Because Daryll is Tired and Lazy

    Talk about feeling an A-Team vibe. Generation Zero #1 by Fred Van Lente, Francis Portela & Andrew Dalhouse kicks off with showing us the life of Keisha, a young rebel living in a seemingly idyllic town. Why does she need Generation Zero? Well doesn't every teen think something strange is up with their town? Once again Van Lente hits the ground running and so the adventure begins....

    A project that I have hyped on Twitter. A project that I've been waiting for intensely. And as expected, Kingsway West #1 by Greg Pak, Mirko Colak & Wil Quintana did not disappoint. A lone drifter in the wilds of the Old West encounters trouble in the form of a young woman while trying to escape the authorities. And that's about as vague as I can be WITHOUT spoiling. Pak said he had something special for readers old and new...and I think he delivered here....

    Just when I thought the Wraiths from my youth couldn't get scarier, Rom #2 by Christos Gage, Chris Ryall & David Messinaraises the bar with their "new" abilities. Essentially, humanity is on a whole new level of being screwed as the Wraiths have infiltrated EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING! Gee. Thanks Mr. Gage and Ryall. I didn't need to sleep easy for the next 2 weeks. Sheesh!

    After that blurb, I need a little positivity and Faith #2 by Jody Houser, Pere Perez, & Marguerite Sauvage is just the remedy. Captured by her arch-enemy that she only met an hour prior. If she gets out of this, Faith has a date with...well that would be telling but I hope you all paid close attention to issue #1.

    Well my little oasis of sweetness has now left the room as Clean Room #11 by Gail Simone, Jon Davis-Hunt & Quinton Winter has entered and... I have said before that Gail is a dangerous woman to not only the characters she writes but to the readers. This issues is proof! Machinations come to a head as betrayals happen, the demons take aim and the "room" isn't exactly a room anymore... Bat %$*^ Nuts!

    Kid heroes? Class is in session and Ms. Marvel is handing out grades in Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #10 by Brandon Monclare, Amy Reeder, Natacha Bustos & Tamra Bonvillain. Kamala and Kid Kree get a little talking to as elements in both their lives get ready to make themselves known. Lunella is about to go into the next level folks!

    Sometimes music is the best medicine. However, Archie #11 by Mark Waid, Ryan Jampole, Thomas Pitilli, Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz & Jen Vaughn has our gang split up in two as The Ronnies and Betty & The Waves get themselves ready for the High School Talent Show. Prepare for the usual Archie craziness leading to the one conversation we ALL have been waiting for.

    Enter the Teen Titans in Titans #2 by Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse & Carrie Strachan...but not the Teen Titans you know. An old Flash villain launches an all out attack on the city to flush out Wally and gets the whole team with him. Quips thrown out and heartstrings pulled people. Good luck Titans Fans reading this issue and trying not to go "What the **** was that?!?!?!?"

    The racers enter one of the most beautiful places in the world as we find out the origin of another racer in Wacky Raceland #3 by Ken Pontiac, Leonardo Manco & Mariana Sanzone. Meanwhile, Princess and Dirk get separated from the group and whoever this "gamesmaster" is seemingly has the veneer cracked by showing emotion here. Something is afoot here people...

    Dragons and monsters to the left. Dangerous people to the right. A baby in the middle. Fin Fang Foom and Terrax are...farming? Welcome to Drax #10 by CM Punk, Cullen Bunn, Scott Hepburn & Antonio Fabela as the battle for the little dragon continues. I know Drax loves a good fight but this is a little out there.

    The machinations of Red Skull were laid out last issue. However, in Steve Rogers Captain America #4 by Nick Spencer, Javier Pina, Miguel Sepulveda, & Rachelle Rosenberg, we finally see what is going on in Cap's head as he plots with Dr. Selvig. Meanwhile, we get and update on Jack Flag AND SHIELD starts to hold meetings regarding Pleasant Hill's Standoff. Drama level up to 10, people! And we know that some will crack under pressure, so let's see who will shall we?

    A desperate, foolish plan. A plucky group of rebels determined to pull it off. Sounds like Star Wars #22 by Jason Aaron, Jorge Molina & Matt Milla is just another story from the universe BUT the return of one of my all time favorite pilots and the thing that the rebels are trying to heist put this story over the top for me. Talk about an impossible goal, and something that I wish was in a movie...

    Tensions are at an all time high in Chicago. Violence is growing and affecting everything in its path. Yes, it is the headlines but in Nighthawk #4 by David Walker, Ramon Villalobos & Tamra Bonvillain this takes on a further significance as 'Hawk takes on problems on all sides INCLUDING The Revelator serial killer. I hope he's ready because I know I wasn't, reading this. Threads and plots come together EXPLOSIVELY.

    I complete these 2 weeks of books and a collection with Black Panther By Christopher Priest The Complete Collection Volume 4 by Christopher Priest, Dan Fraga, Jorge Lucas, Jim Calafiore, Patrick Zircher, Joe Bennett, Jennifer Schellinger & Avalon Studios. Who is Kevin "Kasper" Cole? What is his link to T'Challa? Can he overcome the trials and tribulations of the Panther Universe? And say hello to The Crew! Intensity Level turned up to 10 as Little Mogadishu starts to heat up. After all The TRUTH will set you free AND drag you down with equal aplomb.

    Two Weeks of Books. Lots of fun reading. No show this Saturday due to Daryll rocking his face off at AfroPunk. No I will not be stage diving this time.

    Thanks For Reading! Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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