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    Thursday, September 19, 2019

    A Long Awaited Blog Dropping-Book Recon from The Uncanny Daryll B.-Part 1

    Justice League 28 by James Tyrion IV, Javier Fernandez, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Hi-Fi & Tom Napolitano - J’Onn puts his detective skills to the test to find the mastermind behind the chaos. The League is stretched across the universe and Hawkgirl just wants to kick arse. I think that covers it.
    James Bond 007 9 by Greg Pak, Eric Gapstur, Robert Carey, Roshaw Kurichiyanil & Ariana Maker - Bond, Kim and Lee get sent on a mission while under Goldfinger’s control. All Moneypenny can do is try to hold off the Company’s kill order, watch and hope Bond can resist. Yeahhhh this one is a bind...​
    Vampirella 1 by Christopher Priest, Ergün Gündüz & Willie Schubert - On initial reading I told folks on Twitter that I know Priest’s style. I know about half of Vampi’s enemies and tendencies. So I thought I was ready. Well I wasn’t. A plane crash. A therapy session. And the appearance of a character that I really thought I’d never see again. I think that covers it. ​
    Excellence 3 by Brandon Thomas, Khartoum Randolph, Emilio Lopez & Deron Bennett - To work off his red on his ledger, Spencer now has to work bringing in those who abuse the magic. But, is there an ulterior motive afoot? You should know by now that this creative team ALWAYS has a trick up their sleeves...and it has only been 3 issues!​
    The Orville 1 by David A Goodman, David Cabeza, Michael Atiyeh, Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt - This story takes place during season 1 of the Star Trek homage show. Gordon and the Captain find an old signal buoy and wreckage from a battle only to end up...well if you never saw the show, I did say ST homage. So you know this gets complicated. Meanwhile, it school time on the ship. Two different stories come crashing together: one romantic, the other...well you’ll just have to see.​
    Domino Hotshots 5 by Gail Simone, David Baldeón, Michael Shelfer, Jim Charalampidis & VC’s Clayton Cowles - A final battle. Lovers and anger. Cosmic power. And more quips than you think Neena has ever thrown out before. Domino’s rag tag team vs a literal power cosmic. Lots of luck needed this time​
    Immortal Hulk 21 by Al Ewing, Ryan Bodenheim, Paul Mounts & BC’s Cory Petit - The origin of the General Fortean revealed as well as his “plan”. Motivation and honor laid bare for all & I hope you didn’t have emotional attachments to some characters. Dude is ruthless!​
    Invaders 7 by Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno, Butch Guice, Alex Guimarães & VC’s Travis Lanham - Namor has launched the payload and now a whole US city can only breathe underwater. As you may think, some folks aren’t too happy and want not only Namor’s head but those of the Invaders as well. The second arc begins and no one is safe.​
    Secret Warps Ghost Panther by Al Ewing, Carlos Gomez, Carlos Lopez & VC’s Joe Sabino (Story 2) Daniel Kibblesmith, Ig Guara & Sabino - Earth 2099 isn’t immune to the smash up craziness. T’Challa aka Johnny Blaze travels there to fight a Martian invasion due to events that happened in Weapon Hex. Just wait until you see the heroes of 2099. Story 2 features one of the most intriguing mashups that I never knew I wanted. Enter Knightblade!​
    Spider-Man Life Story 5 by Chip Zdarsky, Mark Bagley, John Dell, Frank D’Armata & VC’s Travis Lanham - Morlun has killed Ben Reilly and that act has shattered Peter’s Happy Ever After with his family. Oh and I’m there’s this little thing called Civil War happening. There no going back after this issue folks!​
    Star Wars Age of Resistance: Captain Phasma by Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher, GURU-eFX & VC’s Travis Lanham - A battle on a distant planet. An Imperial soldier with drive. A harsh lesson learned and for those not in the know, Phasma’s philosophy is laid bare. God help everyone....​
    Uncanny X-Men 22 by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Latricia, David Messina, GURU-eFX & VC’s Joe Caramagna - Change is on the horizon but as for the right now, Scott is emotionally battered due to the revelations and team losses from last issue. Emma has one more demon left to expel and it has ramifications for the team. I know this story has been polarizing to a lot of X-Fans but this felt high stakes to me.​
    Unstoppable Wasp 10 by Jeremy Whitley, Gurihiru & VC’s Joe Caramagna - The last issue for now as GIRL makes their last stand vs AIM. We get a major final reveal for Nadia. Matter of fact it the one that followers since day one have waited for. Once again, all the heartstrings are pulled, feelings felt and somehow I feel the future is bright for all involved.​
    Firefly 8 by Greg Pak, Dan McDaid, Vincenzo Federici, Marcelo Costa & Jim Campbell - The whole “team” is in trouble. Mal fighting huge insects with a bitter enemy. Jayne and the siblings arrested. Zoey is rounding up her forces while the law closes in. Yeah. This shaping up to be the biggest battle in the series history.​
    Life & Death of Toyo Harada 5 by Joshua Dysart, CAFU, KANO, Andrew Dalhouse & Dave Sharpe - It not often that I can say that a thought I had about a character, which I threw away, actually turns out to be right. But Dysart with the last 2 pages verified a suspicion I long had. Anyway, what happens to Harada’s house of cards once he’s removed from the equation? Specifically, his lieutenants? This issue explores that as governments rush in to seize assets from the fallen foundation.​
    Invisible Kingdom 5 by G Willow Wilson, Christian Ward & Sal Cipriano - The series embraces its Star Wars roots here as we get a conflict in space. Firefights are so much cooler in space. It says it in the comic book contract! see the fine print. Anyway, the small ship with BIG secrets has to outwit a much bigger destroyer.​

    Dial H For Hero 5 by Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Scott Hanna, Jordan Gibson & Dave Sharpe - Kudos to Mr Humphries and Mr. Quinones for taking the story of the H-Dial to a place that I never considered. Snapper and Summer arrive in Metropolis looking for Miguel. Unfortunately or fortunately, he’s getting a lesson in history and physics from <redacted>. Shock doesn’t even cover this.​
    Wonder Woman 75 by G Willow Wilson, Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Vicente Cifuentes, Romulo Fajardo Jr. & Pat Brosseau - With the revelations of last issue, Diana is ready to find and reunite her people. The problem is that the other faction is being led by Grail who also has her mom prisoner. Loving how Mrs. Wilson has been using elements of Wondy’s history, new and old, here to craft this tale.​
    Star Trek Q Conflict 6 by Scott & David Tipton, David Messina, Elisabetta D’Amico & Alessandra Alexakis - New players have entered the game that should be VERY familiar to diehard TNG fans. Q gives the players a new objective which probably will kill them all. And a conclusion is reached. Well that and of course, war. Can’t forget all out war can I? This should have been an animated movie. Crazy.​
    Skyward 15 by Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela & Simon Bowland - An ending coda to the initial run about an Earth without gravity. So what will happen to our heroes and villains? Families reunited? Only thing for certain here is drama. And that’s me understating it. A very good read that I’m glad I stumbled across.​
    Fearless 1 by (Story 1) Seanan McGuire, Claire Roe, Rachelle Rosenberg (Story 2) Leah Williams, Nina Vakueva, Rosenberg (Story 3) Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carmelo, Tamra Bonvillain & Janice Chiang - A series centered on the gals of the Marvel Universe on the page as well as creatively. Say hi to Camp Glorianna which will feature some special guest counselors in the opening story. Story 2 has an interesting photo taking place for Millie The Model. Finally, Elsa Bloodstone calls Jessica Jones for help. That last page...LOL​
    History of the Marvel Universe 1 by Mark Waid, Javier Rodríguez, Álvaro López & VC’s Joe Caramagna - We are at the end of all that is and Galactus decides to tell a story to the only other living person alive. Waid gets to flex that huge comic archive of a brain here. Fans of Hickman’s previous stories better not sleep on this either. Speaking of him....​
    House of X 1 by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia & VC’s Clayton Cowles - A new age for the mutants has dawned and not everyone is happy about it. This one sees Xavier(?) making moves on a worldwide scale including friends & enemies alike in his machinations. This being said, movements like this won’t go unnoticed. Leave it to Hickman to drop X-Fans in the middle of a chaotic situation to begin a story arc.​
    Magnificent Ms Marvel 5 by Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring & VC’s Joe Caramagna - War. All out planetary war. Kamala has to navigate this with her parents in tow. But how? And why is it her that’s the chosen one? A book full of answers...that have opened the fans up to bigger future questions. Plus new costume on the horizon.​
    Marvel Rising 5 by Nilah Magruder, Roberto DiSalvo, Georges Duarte, Rachelle Rosenberg & VC’s Clayton Cowles - The Team vs Morgan Le Fay for all the marbles. Great to see some recent loves get spotlighted here. Easy to be lost in the comic book shuffle and I definitely loved seeing Mosaic again.​
    Marvels Epilogue 1 by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, John Roshell & Richard Starkings of Comicraft - I already talked about Waid’s comic book brain. It time to talk about a return to one of comic’s most revered stories. Busiek and Ross struck gold with the original Marvels and in this “epilogue” we see the Sheldon Family enjoying Christmas in Rockerfeller Center. Any hardcore Marvel Fan can tell you that’s a bad idea because anything can happen...and usually does. Probably one of my favorite panels EVER gets recreated here by the great Ross.​
    Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur 45 by Brendan Montclare, Alitha E. Martinez, Tamra Bonvillain & VC’s Travis Lanham - School trip to the museum. After the last couple of months, this should be ideal downtime for Lunella right? Right? Yep. Unrequited love, annoyances from the usual places and a faulty 4-D scanner leads to hijinks.​
    Secret Warps Arachknight by (Story 1) Al Ewing, Carlos Gómez, Juan Vlasco Carlos Lopez (Story 2) Jim Zub, Carlo Barberi, Ruth Redmond & VC’s Clayton Cowles - What could be crazier than a mashup of Spider-Man & Moon Knight? How about one that fights a mashup of Squadron Supreme and New Universe heroes as mashups of Marvel Cosmic fall to Earth? Absolute madness.....​
    Shuri 10 by Nnedi Okorafor, Rachael Stott, Carlos Lopez & VC’s Joe Sabino features an interesting twist to the alien bug/vibranium situation and Shuri’s position in Wakanda is ultimately defined. This one flew under the radar with a lot of fans but to me it was fun month in month out. Thanks to Nnedi and the creative team.​
    Star Wars 69 by Greg Pak, Phil Noto & VC’s Clayton Cowles - A mission made more interesting by the inclusion of a former paramour of the Princess. A mission which seems to be more than what’s on the surface for the Young Jedi. A mission already compromised in a couple of ways for The Wookie & Droid. Pak and Noto have hit the Star ways running with this book.​
    SwordMaster 1 by (Story 1) Shuizhu, Greg Pak, Gunji (Story 2) Pak, Ario Anindito, Rachelle Rosenberg & VC’s Travis Lanham - What is up with Lin’s sword? Can Shang-Chi get through to him to help SwordMaster be a better hero? Who the heck is THAT? Pak again finds a way to get me hooked on a new (to me) hero.​
    Livewire 8 by Vita Ayala, Kano & Saida Temofonte finds our hero trying to battle out of her capture AND save the psiot kids at the same time. Vita is a budding master of giving fans what they think they want and inverting it. Proof of this? The last 6 pages. Polarizing and changes for some how they’ll look at her.​
    Psi-Lords 2 by Fred Van Lente, Renato Guedes & Dave Sharpe - So our "team" of escapees finds that they aren't alone...and that things may not be as simple as just getting home. The building of the new age Valiant Cosmic Universe continues here.​
    Terrifics 18 by Gene Luen Yang, Stephen Segovia, Ray McCarthy, Protobunker & Tom Napolitano sees everything go catastrophic fast. Plastic Man can't hold himself together. Metamorpho (and dog) have new mouths. Friction between the Terrific Couple. When the most rational and put together member is Phantom Girl? We have a problem....​
    American Carnage 9 by Bryan Edward Hill, Leandro Fernandez, Dean White & Pat Brosseau - I said after last issue that there would be no redemption here. The series goes out with a bang (several thousand more like it) as comeuppance for their sins. Who's actually good? Who's actually bad? This series will have folks talking for months to come ESPECIALLY in our current social climate.​
    Avengers 22 by Jason Aaron, Stefano Caselli, Jason Keith & VC’s Cory Petit - This was supposed to be downtime. This was supposed to be a time to reflect. Cue up Robbie losing control of his "Rider". Guest appearances are going to had aplenty as the War of The Ghost Riders starts. ​
    Black Panther 14 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuna & VC’s Joe Sabino - Contact has been established! Wakanda now knows that T'Challa survived and lives. This should be a time to celebrate right? Not with The Empire on his heels and having to stay alive...​
    Captain America 12 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Adam Kubert, Matt Milla & VC’s Joe Caramagna - The breakout has happened but Cap is a fugitive and needs the Daughters of Liberty to restore his good name & reputation. Love that Ta-N is keeping the ramifications of Secret Empire alive here. Makes me question every decision Cap makes and that heightens the drama.​
    Fantastic Four 12 by Dan Slott, Sean Izaakse, Marcio Menyz (Story 2) Jeremy Whitley, Will Robson, Daniele Orlandini, Greg Menzie & VC’s Joe Caramagna After the Doom/Galactus thing, Ben FINALLY has time to give Alicia the honeymoon they deserve. Unfortunately, a certain green behemoth is lurking because of something Ben did earlier in the series. And unfortunately for The Thing, he's on a timer. are just going to read this... In story 2, the Future Foundation welcomes Julie Power. Yeah folks, this is going to be an interesting series....​
    Marvel Team-Up 4 by Clint McElroy, Ig Guara, Felipe Sobreiro & VC’s Clayton Cowles - Kamala fresh off her Freaky Friday experience with Spider-Man gets to have an adventure with her hero Captain Marvel. This one is a great way to catch up on the history changes of both characters...even as someone is trying to collect...well that would be spoiling A LOT.​
    Powers of X 1 by Jonathan Hickman, R. B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Marte Gracia & VC’s Clayton Cowles - Welcome to the future X-Fans and come on! It the X-Men! Bleak futures and the X-Men go hand in hand. The interesting thing about this book are the dossier fillers. Why? Extrapolation folks ESPECIALLY the Mister Sinister stuff....​
    Secret Warps Iron Hammer by Al Ewing, Carlos Gomez, Carlos Lopez (Story 2) by Tini Howard, Ario Anidito, Israel Silva and VC’s Cory Petit - The mashups have gotten mashed up themselves. Good thing we have handy guides because Ewing and Gomez bring the crazy here as the soul gem fractures have grown and their world is in trouble. Story 2 sees even MORE mashups within the Iron Man/Thor story and the passing of a mantle....​
    Star Wars Age of Resistance Special by Tom Taylor, Matteo Buffagni, Chris O’Halloran (Story 2) G. Willow Wilson, Elsa Charretier, Nick Filardi (Story 3) Chris Eliopoulos, Javier Pina, GURU-eFX & VC’s Travis Lanham - The best thing about these Star Wars"era" books by Marvel is that I have found myself entralled about characters that I REALLY never though i'd be all in for. The Holdo story is cool (story 2) and I think that I want to have Wilson and Charretieron something inthe future. But if you told me I'd be emotional over a BB-8 story? Chris really plucks all the right notes here...​
    Angel 3 by Bryan Edward Hill, Gleb Melnikov, Roman Titov & Ed Dukeshire - Hell. Seriously. Another murder. A possible way to get to the instigator/killer and an offer from Lilith that Angel can't refuse. Past sins and the road to hell are paved with good intentions after all....​
    Five Years 3 by Terry Moore - The last part of the Moore Universe has been alluded to all through this tale BUT now a certain “superhero” makes her presence known to Tambi. Good news right? Um not in the least.... the world is in it deep.
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