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    Sunday, September 29, 2019

    The Uncanny Daryll B's September Picks-Part One

    Dial H For Hero 6 by Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Scott Hanna, Jordan Gibson & Dave Sharpe - Metropolis. City of Heroes. City of Chaos. And Summer is trapped in the midst of it. Meanwhile, Miguel learns some hard truths from the most unlikely of sources. But what is Thunderbolt’s master plan?
    Justice League 30 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez & VC’s Tom Napolitano - The League begins to enact its counter attack to Luthor’s machinations. However, Starman gives the team a history lesson and Hawkgirl is, well, not in a good place regarding the missing J’Onn​
    Terrifics 19 by Gene Luen Yang, Max Raynor, Stephen Downer & Tom Napolitano -Luthor makes his offer to Bizarro who then proceeds to create his own team to “uphold justice”. Yeah this will cause no headaches for our team...​
    Wonder Woman 77 by G Willow Wilson, Jesus Merino, Vicente Cifuentes, Romulo Fajardo Jr & Pat Brosseau - Aphrodite struck down by the GodKiller Sword. But who has Grail’s sword and why is that very bad news for Diana? Three guesses and ALL of them are bad for the Princess. ​
    Star Trek Year Five 5 Jody Houser, Silvia Califano, Thomas Deer & Neil Uyetake - An archeological expedition to a long dead planet. Lt. Uhura attempts to communicate with the Enterprise’s “guest”. Nothing wrong here right? Are you new to Star Trek??!?!?​
    Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors 1 by Frank Tieri, Flaviano, Federico Blee & VC’s Joe Caramagna - The Cult Of Carnage has made its presence known to the Marvel Universe. This one is centered are Ravencroft as a hero is imprisoned, betrayed by a confidant who was bent to Carnage’s will. Street level heroics vs cosmic horror. Speaking of which...​
    Absolute Carnage Miles Morales 1 by Saladin Ahmed, Federico Vicentini, Erick Arciniega & VC’s Cory Petit - A day off interrupted by the Scorpion. A usual day in the life of Miles Morales right? Not if the Cult Of Carnage says so... and he REMEMBERS Miles! *Gulp!*​
    Avengers 23 by Jason Aaron, Stefano Caselli, Jason Keith & VC’s Cory Petit - Robbie hasn’t a good time of it recently and now he’s face to face with the “King” of Hell, Johnny Blaze. Meanwhile, an exorcism has gone awry and Avengers Mountain is now possessed by a fiery demon. Yeah. A dead Celestial is taken over by an evil force with the Avengers inside it. This can’t be much worse...Right...​
    Black Panther 15 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuña & VC’s Joe Sabino - A King’s return. A nation rejoicing. However, there are two things that need to happen: readjustment to the new normal AND insuring nothing followed you back. Unfortunately T’Challa has major potential problems on both fronts. And what about the God in the corner?​
    Captain America 13 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jason Masters, Sean Izaakse, Matt Milla & VC’s Joe Caramagna - On the lam, Steve Rodgers is hiding out with the Daughters of Liberty. If you think he’s just going to lay low, then you don’t know Captain America. New situation, recycled look, redemption begins here....​
    House of X 3 by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia & VC’s Clayton Cowles - Preparations being made for the longest of long shots as the X-Men need to take out the secret alliance and Mother Mold before it comes online. Easy right? Well the base is circling the sun so...​
    Marvel Comics 1000 by 80 FREAKING CREATIVE TEAMS - A mystery spanning all the years of Marvel U. A strange yet familiar mask goes from host to host. Al Ewing and an army of creative teams pay tribute to yesterday while laying the foundations for tomorrow here...​
    Marvel Team Up 5 by Clint McElroy, Ig Guara, Felipe Sobreiro & VC’s Clayton Cowles - A “hero” returns and both Marvels aren’t buying it one second. A great way to bone up on Captain Marvel’s “new” origin/situation as well as getting a sense as to who Kamala Khan is. ​
    Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur 46 by Brandon Montclare, Alitha E. Martinez, Tamra Bonvillain & VC’s Travis Lanham - A meeting long desired by me takes place this issue as Lunella finally draws the attention of Reed Richards. And what else can you expect? Calamity. ​
    Power Pack Grow Up by Louise Simonson (Story 1) June Bridgman, Roy Richardson, Tamra Bonvillain (Story 2) Gurihiru & VC’s Joe Caramagna - A Power turns 13. A Lila Cheney concert in the park. A new girlfriend? What could go wrong? Well how about one of the most terrifying X-enemies EVER. Then in the second story, wait. It doesn’t matter. Why? We get Simonson with Gurihiru on it. That’s all we Packers need. ​
    Spider-Man Life Story 6 by Chip Zdarsky, Mark Bagley, Drew Hennessy, Frank D’Armata & VC’s Travis Lanham - One of the most recent Spidey stories is used to bring this story to a close as Peter and Miles Morales go into space followed by enemies...exterior and interior. Great story. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ​
    Star Wars Age Of Resistance General Hux by Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher, GURU-eFX & VC’s Travis Lanham - This is the story of the man behind Kylo Ren and if you think you know how devious and cruel the Empire could be? Say hello to General Hux. Dude definitely isn’t “loveable”. ​
    Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron by Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, GURU-eFX & VC’s Travis Lanham - So you think you know the ace pilot huh? An unwinnable mission. Lives on the line and the beginning of a rivalry that is legendary to some Jedi fans. ​
    Angel 4 by Bryan Edward Hill, Glen Melnikov, Roman Titov & Ed Dukeshire - Final Battle in Hell! Angel has to face his past and future to save the gal and LA. Lilith with some ominous foreshadowing and a beloved character returns. ​
    Barack Panther Barack In Black by Kelsey Shannon - Another weird politics/pop culture mashup by Antarctic Press sees Barack and Biden as Earth’s foremost Men In Black Team. Let the alien insanity begin. ​
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