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    Friday, November 28, 2014

    And Now For Daryll B.'s Special Thanksgiving/Black Friday Link Blog!

    A Thankful AfroNerd Link-Blog?

    We're swerving things up a little bit AfroNerds and Facebookers. I'm going to switch this and give you all the relevant links first then spare some crazy musings...

    -First up, Kelly Thompson explains what she looks for in a book that she calls female friendly.

    Given her reasoning here, my 3 that I am currently collecting monthly are Rachel Rising, Astro City, and Ms. Marvel. Two are  mentioned in the article itself, and Astro City gives all their characters deepness, richness along with finding new angles within tired cliches that I still state it is the perfect gateway comic for ANY fan not just gals.

    -The Mission with personal favorite Will Rosado

    I am still rooting hard for Will to get a long run with Teen Titans one day, but his Cobra run with IDW was an artistic modern classic.

    -I don't know what to make of this

    I would say this was birthed from a deluded fanfic but HE said it!

    -Too little. Too late.

    So, realizing that a LOT of fans have stopped watching the channel because of how you handled this, you are going to start airing season 4 from the beginning? Problem is, those die hard fans have all found ways to keep on watching w/o your channel and all on the backstretch (Episode 9) waiting patiently for the last episodes. Whoever made the initial call on Korra needs to be demoted for not reading the fanbase right....

    -Go crazy Bat-Video Game Fans...

    I can see the lines now....

    -Good luck Madame Maclaren

    Not a bad thought by Warner Bros and Ms Maclaren does have the pedigree to appease Wonder Woman fans... the question is will the higher-ups stay out of the way and not meddle with her vision for Princess Diana....

    -Here we go...

    Kudos to David Walker for making many of these same points on The ComicShoppe 2 weeks ago. And I said on my personal FB page that I was all for the SamCap move but then Marvel produced that Bobby Shmurda cover. He represents a lot of the stigmas that Sam Wilson has fought against/tried to change in Harlem. So Marvel essentially had the new Cap sell out his personal morals on the cover of issue #1 of his new book... *shakes head* Yeaaaaaaah insert sour taste here....

    -YES! YES! YES!

    OK if you are against this, you obviously didn't see Edge of Tomorrow. And if you didn't see Edge of Tomorrow, why are you reading my blogs in the first place? lol

    -I have said it before and I will say it again, I love it when my geeky worlds collide....

    Great tribute by CM Punk to the series and tone perfect to boot. I been giving Superior Foes a look through local libraries and it is in the top 3 of my list to snatch during this weekend of deals.

    Now speaking of deals and the "Giving Thanks" season, here's mine in no particular order:

    Thanks to my sports teams, just for good or ill, they give me a place to put my manic energy when I am not in geek mode.

    Thanks to NerdCore acts for giving me the music to calm down to as the grind of work, people, and everyday life wears on me.

    Thanks to my comic shop, Superhero Comics, for holding my books and being my home away from home Every Wednesday.

    Thanks to those very same books for giving me interesting universes to escape into every week when real life serves to beat me down.

    Thanks to my friends and family who "get" me. Who sees through & tolerate my veneers and attitude long enough to understand who exactly "Daryll"/"Ben" is. For ALL my flaws...and boy do I have a lot of them...

    Thanks to anyone that has given my blogs or the ComicShoppe a chance. Lord knows I can be annoying but the fact that you gave my viewpoints a chance, agree or disagree, is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to whomever is up there, breathing me life. Every day is the chance to see something new and wondrous...even when I'm grumpy. Where there's life, there's hope folks!

    Next Week, a TV breakdown for the season to date and there's a visual crossover to break down. Plus, Axis rounds the bend and we have to see if Remender can stick the landing. So Thanks For Reading & Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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