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    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Just a Chock Full of Links (Flash, SHIELD, etc), Thanks to Afronerd Radio's Daryll B.!

    Return of the AfroLinkBlog

    The links have returned but first... some quick TV Notes:

    The Flash might be moving at lightning speed, but it is damn entertaining.

       -Barry is a douche for what he did to Iris because HELLO SHE IS LIVING WITH YOUR FOSTER DAD'S PATROL PARTNER. In equal news, Pops took this news quite casually didn't he?

        -In a related note, I have doped out that there was never a Back To The Future II in the Flash-verse. Barry should have known this move was doomed for failure.

        -Cisco didn't just give Lisa Snart a gun that shoots gold did he? He's not an inventor. He's not a genius. He's a bloody alchemist!!! Think about it. Heat and Cold are ambient temperatures, able to be affected by climate change. How the &%*(*%^ can you create gold out of thin air with a trigger??? ALCHEMY. Screw the "Vibe" theories. Cisco is going to turn bad and be Dr. Alchemy!!!

        -How great is Mark Hamill??? I can't wait for next week!

    Meanwhile over at Agents of SHIELD:

        -I tweeted Kurt Busiek that the NuSHIELD headed by Edward James Olmos' Gonzalez reminded me of his V-Battalion from Thunderbolts.

        -I also tweeted while watching that I am done asking for black people to be Agents. Look at "our" track record so far:

    Disintergrated (Triplett),
    Mole (Mack),
    Brainwashed, lost identity, only wants to be white models, and sleeping with psuedo-psycho enemy (Agent 33) *HECK we don't even know her true name anymore!!!*
    Another one lost to dangling plots (Coulson's old team member from season 1) *Forgot her name too!*
    Non-Member but now half robot ally (Deathlok)

         Yeahhhhh not exactly a good track record here for black people SHIELD... So to that black female board member of NuSHIELD and Blair Underwood, get more security STAT!!!!!

        -But I am getting May vs Bobbi next episode so....yeah I still

        -How is Skye going to practice and get good at her powers without a "meta" agent there to help her learn??? Osmosis?

    Getting shot at by Arrows so that means....

        -So Atom hunting Arrow was only because his gal had eyes for Arrow first? Really CW?

        -And Ray? You put the power source/armor controller in an exposed place whenever you raise your arms to blast someone? What kind of stupid genius are you son????

        -#CupidQuinn STOLE this episode...but I also commend the CW for how they handled Lawton's PTSD flashback.

        -Harbinger and Diggle sitting in a tree. K-I-L-L-I-N-G mercenaries! (Sorry. I couldn't resist!)

        -Ray Palmer. Inventor. Businessman. Educator. Pastor. So I wonder where he stands on Origin of the Species by Darwin? lol

    Onto The LINKS' Return!


    So SONY is on a mission to ruin everything I love from childhood a la Michael Bay huh? When can I ruin something of Sony's and get rich????

    -This week, The Mission compares and contrasts the situations on 2 of Marvel's Avengers Three...

    The three problems with Sam Wilson as Captain America that Marvel/Remender has done so far which has hampered book:

    1. You launched it during AXIS: This confused Sam Wilson and Captain America fans because he's acting like an ass in Mighty Avengers but in his own book, it wasn't made clear that this HYDRA story was happening after AXIS.
    2. It took 3 issues for Remender to establish Wilson's identity in the Cap costume. The first 2 issues felt like they could be anyone in the red, white, and blue.
    3. The story is GENERIC and the villains outside of Armadillo have been stereotypical. I mentioned before that I was a Zemo fan from Thunderbolts for the complexity given to him. This story completely took that away from him. That shade of grey/arrogance and the clashing ideals with Sam's would have made the story much better.

    As far as the article, what have we at The ComicShoppe been telling you all about the power and standing that gals have in the marketplace right now?

    -Last week's show was once again me losing my mind over how some "fans" have acted over some of the more hot button issues in the industry. Brett White offers a take on this involving his own personal comics collecting history....

    I have to admit that some of these bumps in the road have affected me in terms of collecting comics. It sorta takes the fun out of going to the comic shop. It makes it a chore and I didn't come into this to have yet another burden folks.....

    -Spotlight on the ladies!

    Regine Sawyer doing spotlights of her fellow NYC Collective members is great but I never knew about Barbara Brandon Croft being the 1st African American female syndicated cartoonist. Hence why I have it here because now you do too...

    -A Classic story that highlights some of the editorial problems that can happen to writers when editorial and big events clash...

    STILL one of the biggest wastes of fantastic storytelling potential over the last 15 years. Others on my list include Mark Waid and X-Men, the Mini-Marvels snafu with "SuperHero Squad", and of course, Image United.

    -One of my favorite stories will make for a fantastic movie.....

    Just the visual of a little girl fighting giants, if done well, will guarantee this movie will appeal to young gals and their wallets/purses. Throw in the fish out of water feel and the heart-wrenching character arc and the capacity for money making potentially will skyrocket.

    -Legendary Comics making moves....

    We wondered when the publisher was going to grow out of writing the trademarked/licensed for movie stories. And with Fialkov and Roberson's capacity for stories going out of the box, this will be an interesting experiment in Legendary's viability.

    -Plenty of movie news this week but this caught my eye....

    With the announcement of Ruth Negga from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. previously as Tulip, I really can't wait to hear who will be Jesse Custer. And speaking of Vertigo TV....

    This is cool but can anyone find out what happened to Y The Last Man? Is that dead in the water? And why isn't Fables on this list?

    -I'll end with The Line it is Drawn Crew and its yearly "MODOK Madness" art page....

    How talented are these folks?!?!?! That Totoro and Billy Batson pics are awesome and I agree with one of the commenters: the MAD Magazine looks like an ACTUAL cover. Great Job Artists!

    Thanks For Reading! Been awhile since I got a lil wacky with this thing. I hope you enjoyed and Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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