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    Saturday, March 21, 2015

    New Freshly Baked Blog Dropping By Afronerd Radio's Daryll B! Musings on Milestone Media & Nerdcore

    AfroNerd Blog aka Man of My Word....

    Boy did my mouth open up a can of words that my fingers now have to cash. No links this time and I got a pitch and album reviews to share.... First Up!
    Milestone Pitch
    I am unabashedly stealing the core of the Valiant reboot to model the Milestone comeback on and I am going to do 4 books to start and blossom into a juggernaut! *Crossing Fingers*
    SHADOW CABINET - The team that walks the line between good and evil will be the vehicle to introduce new readers to the Milestone Universe. Why them over Blood Syndicate?
    1. Villains are in nowadays: Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Secret Six, Thunderbolts, Suicide Squad...Nuff Said
    2. Team is over 60% female and diverse: That says it all....
    3. I would have the team mentored by Curtis Metcalf aka Hardware similar to their appearance in McDuffie's JLA run (and a formula used by the Luke Cage iteration of the Thunderbolts...) and that would free up...
    ICON - Have the Milestone Superman headline his own book is a natural fit. Augustus Freeman is the "adult" standard bearer for the Milestone Universe. This would also be the "cosmic" book. As for the famous Milestone hero we all know and love....
    STATIC & ROCKET - That's right! I am putting the two teenage stars together in a team-up/anthology type book. Whether it is in Dakota or any other place in the Milestone U, Raquel Ervin and Virgil Hawkins will be the heart and future of Milestone. And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Amistad or Flashback in the case of Raquel or Frieda, Rick, and Daisy in the case of Virgil. So much material/angst to be mined here...
    So that leaves one more book and I have to go supernatural/technological with XOMBI. On the (very likely) stipulation that I can get John Rozum and/or Denys Cowan back on to tell David Kim's continuing stories. Yep I still haven't forgiven DC for royally screwing this up. *sigh*
    So there are my books to start. Eventually, Hardware, Kobalt, and Blood Syndicate will get their own books but I want to get a foothold first....
    NerdCore Album Reviews
    Well if you know me by now through these blogs and The ComicShoppe, you guys and gals know that Daryll B. loves all types of music but the stuff that keeps him sane through the work day is NerdCore. Got my hands on a lot of songs over the last 4 months but with my artists doing their thing down at SXSW, it long past due that I shone a light on them...
    Mega Ran & Storyville
    Album(s): The Veggie Platter; Soul Veggies; both available through iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp
    Style: By now, we should consider Random aka Mega Ran the Godfather of NerdCore. He's the one that everyone in this genre lists as an influence when they talk. Storyville is his Kanye West: beat crafter turned adept lyricist except Random never pushed him away like Jay-Z did Kanye. As a result, we get this collaboration where the two playfully compete for king of the mountain on each song. Veggie Platter acts like a pseudo (free) documentary and introduction to open the door to Soul Veggies. The songs are infectious. The beats are crisp. And as I stated on Twitter and Facebook, you can shovel snow/workout to the album quite easily.
    Songs of Note: React, Artillery, & I Know Who I Am off Soul Veggies all are better than 90% of the current Hip-Hop and would be crossover hits for sure!
    Album(s): Fly Nerd; Another M; PRIME; all three available through Bandcamp
    Style: Take Queen Latifah at about 20 and give her the lyrical flow theatrics of Biz Markie and you got Mega Ran Disciple Sammus. Named after the Metroid Character, Sammus definitely shows on these albums equal amounts of growth and confidence. Fly Nerd is the origin EP and you can feel the roughness but the talent shines through. Another M is a Metroid centered album and Prime is a combination of the 2. Gal is talented Folks and I suggest that you look her up.
    Songs of Note: Cybernetic Armor, Fly Nerd, Growing Up
    Along with these, I also wholeheartedly endorse picking up Adam WarRock's Gifted Student, Mikal kHill's The Snuggle is Real, and Lupe Fiasco's Tetsuo & Youth.... and did you hear that Wu-tang Clan and Kendrick Lamar have new stuff out too? Throw in Logic's Under Pressure and face it! Real Hip-Hop lyricism and soul isn't dead yet Folks! We just have to go out and search for it.
    Thanks For Reading this diversion from controversy (Yes we will get into that Batgirl cover on the next show) and I hope you all got some new songs to check out on YouTube/buy from the artists now. Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!
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