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    Saturday, October 11, 2014 Radio's On Site Reporter, Daryll B.'s Musing from New York Comic Con 2014! Days 1 and 2

    Comic-Con Day 1 Interview Musings, courtesy of Daryll B.

    -The weather for this kickoff day was infinitely better than last year, which felt like an icy windstorm. Almost a perfect day and that made the people I approached with the questions in a way better mood.

    -Close to 500 people polled on Day One and if I didn't have to leave to get some rest before work, I think I could have gotten a couple hundred more.

    -CosPlay Winners from what I saw: The Legend of Korra Team Avatar; A whole Jedi Sect (who were hilarious and informative to interview); and I shouldn't put these folks on lists anymore but the dedication to detail by Game of Thrones cosplayers keeps getting better every year.

    -Truly had a wider range of interests to start out this Comic-Con with a bigger cross-section of Gamers to begin a convention than I have ever experienced before. Props to the guys who put me onto the news about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Koopa-Mugatu (yes a turtle and the bad guy from Zoolander) couple who had loads of info.

    -Not a lot of kids but since we are just starting school season, that was to be expected.

    -Flash's debut was universally loved as was Guardians of the Galaxy and Grant Morrison's Multiversity...

    -Flipside of the coin, I was shocked at the reaction to Gotham which was lukewarm. Biggest complaint was something down my line: too many bat-villains too early.....

    -No hiding this point either: fans are jonesing for the Batman vs Superman movie and are quite curious about how JJ Abrams is going to handle Star Wars...

    -I keep telling people that the walk down to Jacob Javitz Center from Penn Station/Port Authority is becoming as famous as a mini parade. Folks stopping cosplayers to take pictures or just to stare in wonder is a sight I will never get tired of...

    -Video game wise: Gamers loved the heck out of The Last of Us and the new Alien game. Surprising to me was amount of disappointment in Destiny and Watchdogs...

    -Anime/cartoon news, from what I already said above, no one should be shocked that fans want more Korra but it was a renewed desire for Cowboy Bebop that peaked my interest...

    -...however those folks who think a live action Attack on Titan movie is going to go over big... um I got some bad news for ya..... It was almost universally panned by my pollers....

    -Met folks from 8 countries including a dude from Germany who flew in for his first Comic-Con and is leaving tomorrow morning; a couple of gals from Japan who didn't speak English but couldn't stop laughing; a couple of aspiring artists from Africa; and a whole Spanish Class.. Talk about a fun school trip: Let's go to New York for Comic-Con! Why couldn't I get teachers like that?!?!?1

    Day 1 in the books.... Tomorrow the adventure begins again!!!

    Comic-Con Day 2

    At the end of these reports, I will start putting the albums that I have been using as my travel soundtracks. Yesterday I used the Kirby Krackle self-titled and E For Everyone albums (available on iTunes) as my fuel. Sorry for forgetting to include that in yesterday's blog. Onto today...

    -Had a group therapy session with some Bones cosplayers over the start of this season. There have been several departures and deaths to the cast over the years so you would think fans would get used to it by now. No. Not even in the slightest. Take notes Marvel and DC. You can do a loss WITHOUT advertising it to holy heck and have it make a lasting impact on the fans.

    -Encountered some fans of Y The Last Man who were relieved that the planned movie/series plans fell through. I was surprised and curious as to why. They gave me the reason that nothing that will end up on screen/film will match the visions in their imagination that Vaughan/Guerra's series did.

    -Talked to some Texas and California Fans of comics and came to the realization that DC bests Marvel in one important fact: they know how to let their line-wide events breathe better... Think about it this way: when was the last time a Marvel Line Event had a satisfying conclusion? 

    -YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Watching the new Legend of Korra episode as I type this. The conclusion validates EVERYTHING the showrunners have been saying in NYCC. Quality Folks just quality!

    -Ever run into a pack of Black Panthers? This dude did! 60's version, 70's version, 90's version, Shuri, and current day walk into a train car at the same time. Folks had to move out of the way...and take pics...

    -A couple of zombies shambled their way past me. I guess they're ready for Sunday Night. The Walking Dead Season Premiere should be sick....

    -Tomorrow will be my major picture taking day because that's when all the major cosplayers will be out in force. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the convention. I'll see y'all next time!

    Soundtrack today provided by Random's The Otherworld EP and The Returners...(Available off his Bandcamp Page)

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