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    Tuesday, October 21, 2014

    Is It Live or Memorex? Ok, This Time (Thanks to Kickstarter) There is a REAL Hoverboard video! The Hendo!

    We're pleased to announce that there really is a working hoverboard (perhaps a bit more grounded than the Back to the Future version) that is at the center of a current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.  Check out the video evidence below:

    And then there's the infamous video from last year (starring Doc Brown himself, actor Christopher Lloyd) that had tongues wagging but alas it was chicanery thanks to CGI surrealism.

    Here's more on the Hendo's specs courtesy of Yahoo Tech:

    The Hendo was about as loud as your average machine shop, and the vibration was fairly intense. When I climbed off, I felt like I’d gotten a great foot massage.
    It’s also bulky. Built mostly of plywood and high-impact plastics, the prototype measures 19 by 38 inches and weighs just under 100 pounds. It uses eight lithium-ion polymer batteries, which run roughly seven minutes on a charge and can carry 300 pounds with ease, Henderson says.
    Right now, the hover engines require a conductive but nonferrous surface like copper or aluminum. Henderson says the company plans to bring in materials experts to expand the number of surfaces compatible with the board.
    In addition to the hoverboards, Arx Pax plans to sell an undetermined number of hover engine development kits for $300 apiece, hoping to crowdsource other innovative applications of MFA technology.
    The company also demonstrated a prototype hover device code-named Manta Ray, which looks like a denuded Roomba and contains more sophisticated algorithms for controlling motion. Those algorithms will go into the hoverboards Arx Pax plans to distribute next year.
    For the remainder of the Yahoo piece, click on the link below:

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