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    Monday, October 13, 2014

    And Finally, Daryll B.'s Last Day at NYCC 2014-Day 4 Reporting

    Comic Con Day 4 Report

    Doing this with a killer hangover and memory loss from the last Jack Daniels shot at 4am this morning. Touched home for a quick shower and swig of Pepsi and here we go....

    -I think I might have mentioned that tonight is the season debut for The Walking Dead before right? A lot of survivors on line today...

    -Ran into a multi-cultural Fantastic Four family on line so I had to ask them about recent news. They LOVED the first two movies and said that their kids play them regularly at home. On the news of the imminent cancellation of the regular comic, they said it was a shame because it was one of the few mainstream comics that they would let their kids buy on their own. However. they had no doubt that it would return soon. The father was shocked to find out from me that the current writer on FF was the same man who wrote the Starman run. He didn't think that the James Robinsons were the same guy...

    ***Speaking of Mr. Robinson, here's a couple of quotes from him to CBR about the upcoming cancellation:

    "That's the thing -- everyone's upset now because the book is going away," Robinson continued. "Are they buying the book? I don't know if they are. A lot of it is just people like to get online and moan and complain. I guarantee you if you kill of any character, the most obscure character, you'll get one angry person that claims it was their favorite character. Jack Frost, golden age character, they've done something to him. Where's the razor blades, I'm slashing my wrists. People do that on the internet, so you have to take that with a grain of salt."

    ...and BOOM goes the dynamite!***

    -Met a Rule 36 Cable and Deadpool team. AfroNerd and I were talking about this last night before I had drunken time loss and we both came to the conclusion that this NYCC DEFINITELY had a higher female presence than any we have ever been a party to. I asked the question of the Cable and she gave me the reasoning that although there's a lot of inequality still in the medium in various forms, EVERYONE loves good/great stories. Once you get past the BS and stigmas, everyone can find stories that suit them...if they have the patience to find them.... Preach Sisters! Preach!

    So that ends yet another successful NYCC for yours truly. I guess I can let you all in on the reasons I did this. First, I get to promote and The ComicShoppe, which is objective #1 if we are to become an information destination of note for fantasy/sci-fi/comic fans... Secondly, it is always fun to talk to fans and enthusiasts from all across the worlds of science fiction. We take a lot of dings and hits from folks that don't understand us for the most part but I swear I never feel as free and relaxed as I do at conventions... Finally, it a continuing personal experiment as I try to overcome my own phobias/hang-ups when it comes to talking to people and being more open. So my thanks to those I interviewed for having the patience to bear with me as I stammered and essentially geeked out over them. All I can say is that I am continuing to act professional...

    (Yeah. Me? Professional....BWAHAHAHAHA!)

    Anyway, thanks all for reading and until next time, Keep Fantasizing!
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